We've been told that wearing high-heeled shoes aren't good for the feet. But how exactly are these shoes--that lift the butt, tone the legs, and most importantly make us look taller!!--bad for the feet? We've heard it all, but this Reuters video gives us a peek into what the wearers' bones go through. And it's not exactly pretty.

Orthopedic researchers used a 3D scanner to look into the feet of a high heel fan. The PedCAT machine at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in North London takes global scans of patients' feet in just 60 seconds. RNOH consultant orthopedic surgeon Andy Goldberg talks about the results:

He also tells Daily Mail that toe bones become squashed and clawed in the fronts of heeled shoes, and the big toe can deviate outward while the pea-shaped sesamoids at its base become dislodged. Goldberg does say that occasional wear won't impact foot health, but regular daily wear puts the feet at a really high risk for bunions. Think Victoria Beckham.