This bizarre Benefit mascara ad is titled "Real Men Don't Fake It", and we get it. Yes, there is a huge bulge. Yes, we're staring at it. Yes, we want to grab it. Yes, it's... mascara in their underwear?!

I have a few issues with this ad. Firstly, we got conned - but then again it's an advertisement so I guess some things cannot be revealed. Secondly, is that Vinny from Jersey Shore teaching yoga? Thirdly, if men with a huge bulge walked up to me, reached deep into his crotch and whipped out mascara, I wouldn't be all over that shit. I want long, curled lashes hanging off my eyes, not pubes.

According to Benefit and the "creative studio" that made the ad, the campaign was "intended to break the mold of the traditional beauty ad" by making mascara get "in-your-face gratuitous with your fave celebrity packages (wink, wink)."

Uh, okay..