Malaysia is a beautiful country. We love it. But there are also some annoying things that people do, or don't do, that give the country a bad rep - not as bad as China, thank goodness.

Unfortunately, Malaysia made it to the list of being one of the 'Least Courteous Cities in the World.' Again.

Conducted by Reader's Digest, Malaysia's rudeness level ranked number 34 out of the 35 major cities in the world in 2012.

So what is it about us that seems to piss off the rest of the world? Does it have to do with these bad habits below?

Parking anywhere (including disabled lots).

Ignoring signboards (This one says 'no littering').

Disregard for public property, like this public phone here.

The playground, seriously?

Rushing into lifts, trains and buses without waiting for people to exit first

Not offering seats to those in need, and nobody seems to care; not even those in need...

Poor toilet etiquette, as proven by signage warning people to behave in the toilets.

Being late for appointments. There is even a thing called 'Malaysian timing' which is what people say if someone is about half an hour late. 10 minutes of waiting is considered 'nothing'.

Not saying "Thank you," "Sorry," or "Excuse me."

Spitting. But it's probably a very Asian thing.

And last, but certainly not least...

Poor driving habits - not using indicator lights when switching lanes, tailgating, road bullying, etc.

This little car is driving on a motorcycle lane off a highway.

Look at this guy driving on a pavement to get to the other side!

Unbelievable. Are you guilty of any of them?

Of course, rudeness can be found anywhere in the world, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do our part to try and improve things on our own home turf.

What are some other common traits that you think Malaysians need to quit?

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