New moms just loooove supporting other new moms. Even if you're Snooki, and you've never met the Duchess of Cambridge. The Jersey Shore star blogged about her obsession with fellow new mom Kate Middleton, giving her the MILF status:
"And can I just say how fricken AMAZING Kate looks?!" Snooki complimented. "Like why is she perfect?! She just gave birth and she looks like she's ready to walk the runway. She is my inspiration for my next pregnancy! So obsessed with this family and cannot wait to hear more about them! We all know they will be amazing parents to their precious nugget! I'm just waiting to hear the dirty poop and pee stories!!!"

...And of course the former Jersey Shore star couldn't sign off without paying Kate an extra special compliment.

"Kisses to you guys, and Kate….you're a MILF," she added.
They are going to be best of friends, oh I can just see it.