This has to be either a really lame joke or one the worse health plans ever. According to NBC, the government of New Zealand is facing some serious backlash after attempting to deport a migrant couple simply because of the size of his girth.

The problem started when Albert Buitenhuis and his wife, Marthie, 47, moved to Christchurch, New Zealand from South Africa six years ago. The couple are now facing deportation after their work visas were declined because of his weight.

The 50 year-old, 286-pound South African citizen was recently deemed no longer has an "acceptable standard of health" to remain in the country, and immigration authorities cited the demands his obesity could place on New Zealand’s health services in terms of cost.

Some believe this has to do with New Zealand's health care system, which is funded through general taxes, and provides free medical care to all permanent residents. But if that really was the case, then shouldn't they also consider deporting all the smokers, elderly, disabled, and uninsured as well?

At this rate, only the young and super will be able to call New Zealand your home. And hobbits.