The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English language test conducted for non-native English speakers. The ones who want to study overseas can get all the information online regarding PTE tutorials and how to practice PTE daily.

Pearson has two types of English language tests – PTE Academic and PTE General. The PTE Academic test is for those who are planning to study overseas and is valid for up to two years. The PTE General is for work and study purposes overseas; one doesn't need to retake this test once cleared.

In PTE, both tests have various similarities and differences. As a learner, the applicant must watch PTE tutorials and practice PTE to understand both tests better.


PTE Academic

PTE General

It is designed for students to pursue their studies in an English-speaking country. In terms of language skills and the ability to understand the course material, many institutions and universities require proof of English proficiency. Countries like Australia and New Zealand recognise the test results. Moreover, the primary purpose of the test is to support work and immigration visa applications for New Zealand and Australia. Hundreds of colleges and universities accept the PTE Academic test results, amongst which are some of the most highly reputed institutions.


The same as the PTE Academic test, it is also used as proof of English language skills for work and educational purposes. However, the test results are more likely to be accepted by non-English speaking countries, for example, European Countries. The governments and ministries accept the PTE General test as proof of English proficiency in Albania, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Format of the Test

PTE Academic - The PTE Academic test has four modules – reading, listening, speaking, and writing. All the test modules are computer-based. A headset and microphone are included to help with the speaking and listening module. The test is scored by artificial intelligence designed using thousands of human-marked tests.
PTE General - It is not a computerized test and splits into two parts – a written paper and an interview. The written paper includes the reading, listening, and writing sections, and the interview consists of the speaking section.

Process of PTE Academic and PTE General


PTE Academic

PTE General




Register online at the Pearson official website.

Register online using the Edexcel online system.


Test Process


Pearson Language Tests conduct it. The test is supported by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and associated with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF/CEFR).

Pearson Language Tests were also conducted in the PTE General. However, for this test, Edexcel Limited is also the partner.

Test Validity

The validity of the test is two years. After two years, the test result expires, and the applicant cannot use the test results for an institution or university. So, applicants must decide their timeframe to appear for the PTE Academic test.

Unlike the PTE Academic, PTE General test results are valid forever. Once the applicant appears for the test, there is no need for them to retake it. Regardless of the time, one can use these certificates for admissions. If the applicant is unsure about their travel plans and needs an English proficiency test, this could be the test.


Test Dates

The test dates are available annually; there are multiple centers, practically around 200. The accessibility of the test makes it easier to plan between work and study schedules.

It is not readily available. With three sets of exam timeslots in May, June, and December, one must prepare and book his/her test days in advance.


It is a 3-hour computer-based test.

It depends on the level of test the applicant is taking; otherwise, the minimum timing is 90 minutes and the maximum timing is 3 hours.