For many people, women, in particular, fighting the battle against stretch marks has been a never-ending cycle. Though some do not have an issue with the stretch marks, others do because of aesthetic reasons.

Hence, the reasons why many people are seeking ways to conceal the marks wholly or partially. One popular way to conceal stretch marks is through the application of stretch mark tattoos.

This article will cover basics about tattoos and stretch marks.

Stretch Marks, what are they?

Scientifically, they are known as Striae distensae, a recognized skin condition caused by dermal fibre disturbances from rapid stretching and shrinking of the skin.

Typically, stretch marks aren’t known to cause medical problems, but their main issue revolves around their aesthetic appeal. Their visibility can cause aesthetic distress resulting in individuals not feeling comfortable wearing more revealing clothes.

The good thing is that you can get tattoos to cover stretch marks on thighs, hips, love handles, buttocks, and abdomen.

Consider Future Body Changes

Permanent tattoos are usually a lifelong aesthetic mark of beauty that you should consider before opting for the process. Stretch marks are a natural thing that can develop at any age but also which you can avoid.

Typically, pregnancy, weight loss, and muscle building will affect the development of the marks due to body changes. The marks can either be broader, narrower, smaller, or more prominent in the process, disrupting the state of the tattoo forcing you again to have the tattoos redone.

Thus, if you plan on having future body changes, it is better to put off the tattooing process. After you have achieved your desired body status, then you can proceed to tattoo your stretch marks. Remember, it is a Permanent Makeup tattoo, so you have to get it right on the first attempt.

Requires Healed Stretch Marks

For the tattoo to blend in well with the stretch-marked area, it is advisable to ensure complete healing of the selected parts.

Fresh stretch marks are usually red or purple, appear raised, and are relatively wide, which can affect the application of the tattoo, making it a painful process. The best time to conceal your stretch marks is from one year or until your doctor has passed you fit for a tattoo application.

Professional Service

The skin is a very delicate organ that needs proper attention and care. A wrongly done permanent makeup for stretch marks procedure can adversely affect your skin and have a lasting effect on your aesthetic appearance.

Consequently, it is imperative to have the process undertaken by a trained tattoo expert. The preferred technician should have advanced training and experience in coloration technique and pigmentation science from accredited institutions. The best place to have your stretch mark tattoo application is at accredited skin care clinics.

Possible Corrective Permanent Make-Up

Though it is imperative that you get your tattoo done correctly the first time, there are times that unforeseen bodily changes occur requiring you to redo your tattoo or get a touch up.

For instance, you can get pregnant or gain weight years down the line, leading to new stretch marks in the tattooed area. In that case, you can have permanent corrective makeup done to remodify the tattoos and restore their aesthetic appeal.