Marriage proposals are very personal and should reflect your personality, partner’s personality, and eternal love for each other.  A marriage proposal is one of the most mesmerizing events in anyone's life. Though the fact that you both want to marry and spend the rest of your lives together is enough to make it wonderful, adding a few extra touches may make it much more so. There are a whole lot of ways to make this day extra special. Here is a guide to the best marriage proposal ideas, which you can use to keep adding thrill to this amazing day:

Engagement Ring:
First and foremost, the engagement ring! Who would think about a proposal and not think about an engagement ring? Get ideas for the best custom engagement rings in Melbourne here. If you are absolutely sure about your partner’s choice and preference, you are good to go! Make sure you're certain about the ring you're about to choose. This will be the most important event and step of your life, and you must be completely confident of everything involved.

Go Back To Where It All Started:
This is one of the most unique proposal ideas on the list. Return with your lover to the place where you met for the first time. Go to the bar, coffee shop, or restaurant where you initially met up if you were on an online date. If you're going to a friend's party, make sure to tell them what you're doing. If you had a random meeting, such as in the produce vegetable section of a supermarket, arrange to go there.

Her Birthday:
Give your significant other a heads-up about a surprise birthday celebration, then wreck it by arriving early. Put your proposal ideas into action, then celebrate with friends and family who arrive at a pre-arranged time. this way,  her already memorable day will become the most wonderful day of her life.

Her Dream Vacation:
Take her to her dream vacation, be it Paris or any other place. Make sure you arrange everything beforehand and call her friends and family prior if you want to. It is always a little more special when your partner is proud of you in front of her family. Plan everything from the location that you’re gonna propose to the way that you are going to propose to her.

Make Her Believe In This Marriage:
Make her believe that the decision you guys are making could not have been better and make her feel confident about your connection. Girls ought to seek reassurance and it is absolutely fine! Make sure you show her that her life is about to change significantly and that she will be happy with you. Encourage her and your family friends that you've made the right decision; this way, she won't have second thoughts and won't be able to say no.

When you get back home after the big day, make sure you spend the most splendid time with her and she gets delighted about the decision.