Let’s admit it! Even when our siblings might drive us up the wall sometimes, we always love and care for them and there are some moments that we only share with one another and it is no fun to do that with others. Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and you cannot celebrate this day without remembering your silly arguments, major flights and emotional moments that make your bond stronger than any other in this world. The relationship of a brother and sister is one of a kind and therefore it has one of a kind memories as well. So, whether you are with your siblings chit chatting over the phone or celebrating the day, do not forget to revive some old memories along with these relatable moments that will let  you dive into a pool of nostalgia. 

When Everything Had To Be A Competition: Remember when from who drinks the milk first from the glass to who finished their homework first, everything was no less than any race. Well, every brother and sister can relate to this moment when the biggest competition for us in our lives were our siblings and were ready to compete with them, whenever and wherever possible. 

When You Both Got Into Huge Fight: Admit it or not, that every fight that you had with your siblings when you were younger was not just a fight it was a WWE tournament. There would be pulling, pushing and also throwing pillows at each other, but however intense it was, you never ended up hating each other and today when you think about those moments it is more like a beautiful memory and funny incident that holds a  special place in your heart. 

Fighting Over The TV Remote: One of the most common incidents that every sibling can relate to, is the fight for the TV remote. Well, this would actually happen everyday, and there was no coming back and also you would  never get bored of it. Whether it was he who wanted to watch his favourite cartoon or you who would not miss on their favorite TV show, the fight would actually have no outcome but except you two getting a good bash from mom. 

When They Refused To Help Just To Annoy You: Remember the time when you asked your brother to fetch a glass of water for you and he refused, just to annoy you a little too much. Well, then you must also remember the time when you took revenge and refused to give him a pen when  he was in need of it. Well, that is how a sibling's bond grows and nurtures and though you would try your best to annoy one another, you never stopped loving each other with the same intensity. 

When You Borrow Each Other’s Things: Whether it is about borrowing your brother’s t-shirt or he borrowing your pair of earphones, there is no sibling relationship that would not run on a barter system. Using your sibling’s things has its own piece of joy and keeping it forever is another. Well, only until the time they have something of you that is your favourite as well. 

Eating Their Last Piece Of Cake: Teasing is the major fun of the whole  relationship. Whether it is stealing their piece of cake from the fridge or eating their last piece of chocolate, it  always feels amazing to  tease them with whatever you can, even if you know that things may not end well, but you do it anyways, because that fun is hard to resist. 

Well, pair the Rakhi for bhaiya bhabhi, with a beautiful personalised gift that would revive your childhood memories of any of these beautiful memories that every sibling can relate to.