Did your friend just get a promotion? Or did your brother just graduate? Then it is time for some celebration. But before that you need to congratulate them, right? The best way to express your happiness and joy is by sending them a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Flowers represent love, care, joy and happiness. That is why you should send a beautiful bouquet of flowers when you want to give your regards to your close ones. Check out the top flowers that can serve you on this occasion. Also, contact SammyGift and Send Flowers to China now.

Roses - roses can not only express the feelings of love, but they also express better luck and cheerfulness. They stand for positivity and allow you to show how happy you are. Be it your friends or siblings, roses can always cheer up anyone's mood whenever you send them. In these moments, you can pack a bouquet of 25 roses to convey your good luck. Red, yellow and white roses are the best options you have.

Daffodils - sweet and innocent, the Daffodils are really delightful to look at. They stand for new beginnings and rebirth and the new change that is going to come in someone's life. These can be the best flowers to congratulate someone who achieved a milestone. You can send a bouquet of daffodils or make an ornamental arrangement.

Orchids - beautiful to its truest sense, orchids are one of the most exotic flowers that you can use on this particular occasion. Since they are not a commonly gifted flower, orchids can make someone feel special and unique. You can choose yellow orchids or even orange ones that look absolutely great. If you can, then purple orchids can also be a great choice because they stand for dignity, respect, and royalty.

Daisies - the best flowers that can express goals and friendship, daisies are a fantastic option for this event. A bunch of charming daisies can truly help your friend feel unique and special on a very important day. There are kinds of daisies that can be found in the market, so you can choose a color that he/she actually likes. A sweet bunch of daisies can make your favorite happy very easily.

Tulips - Tulips stand for love, joy and spiritual happiness and that is why we believe that you should send a bunch of tulips to congratulate someone. A bouquet of tulips of different colors can be an absolute show stopper. These beautiful & bulbous flowers can easily help you convey your regards. Visit sammygift.com and find out the top tulip bouquets that are available for sale. Make sure to opt for flower delivery to guangzhou and send them.

So, here are the top picks of the flowers that we believe are the best when it comes to congratulating someone. All these flowers are easily available and they represent the most positive aspects of our lives. Visit SammyGift and find out the best collection of flowers.