Handbags-we can't get one of them, nor can we get too many! Do not listen to someone suggesting the contrary. We just love to stare at the column of beautiful designer handbags in Metro or other fashion magazines, which somehow influenced us to buy a lot of them. So if you're a total handbag hoarder (which most of us are), you certainly should hear about these various kinds of handbags so you can purchase some of them in different sizes! You didn't see that coming, didn't you? And, that is why we've got a fast checklist to bring you along. We would hate you to miss out on all of these.

Handbags are a staple of fashion which every single woman should have in her wardrobe. These accessories are perfect for dressing up and bringing visual excitement to an ensemble, as well as making things simple for you to cart around your everyday needs. Multiple designs are appropriate for various purposes and design tastes.

Crossbody bags:
On the handbag scene, crossbody purse is big, since they make life simpler. They encourage you to keep your hands free when you are on the go or to hold other things. These bags are named because they have a long strap which is intended to be worn around the body. Some women likewise perch this brace on their shoulder to improve this accessory's high-fashion, thrown-together component.

Clutch bags:
Clutch bags are suitable for town evenings, movie nights or more formal times. There are plenty of choices available from beaded and boxy to fluffy and slouchy, to fit any budget and personal preference.

The only drawback of clutch bags is how little room they provide for your substantial belongings. You may notice that you, including your keys, cards and computer, can only carry the absolute minimum with you to your special case.

For sportswear or school this is a good choice which rests comfortably on the back of the arm offering protection. Stylish backpacks constructed of high-end fabrics such as premium leather are definitely worthy of comment. What's more, there's no deliberate decision to hold it to leave your hands free for any other needs because backpack is lying on your back.

Shoulder bags:
The most practical backpack of all is the shoulder pack, or the daily backpack. And, each brand has its own versions, making it tougher to avoid purchasing several ones from various manufacturers. No, we don't whine, do we? They are big and work with all the basic essentials, so we always bring a mini grocery basically – let's face it – anyway. Only do so stylistically.

Duffle bags:
Classic duffle bags for working mothers, college students or gym-goers are stylish and the ideal solution. They tend to be large in size and boxy in shape so that they can fit a lot of items inside. But barrel-shaped bags and mini duffles are common options of fashion for daily casual wear. Usually they have two short handles and one long brace for comfort worn around the body.

As far as materials are concerned, duffles seem to be made of waterproof fabric or nylon, which make them extremely simple to clean. It would help if you went for a leather duffle bag for a more comfortable feel. Tiny duffles and tin bags may be crafted from cotton, cloth, or other products.

Backpack purses:
A backpack purse is undoubtedly the most functional handbag choice, suitable for those who choose hands-free handbag alternatives. Backpack purses feature two shoulder belts and are built to be held on the back, so they spread the weight of your daily necessities equally to avoid injury to the arm or back.

They can differ in scale but they are typically considerably smaller than a standard backpack. While this is a more relaxed bag type, in backpack purses there has been a proliferation of trendy choices like designer styles.