No matter how difficult or risky a job is, it gets a lot easier once you get the hang of it. With enough experience, you get to know what to be done and how in order to avoid mistakes. The same thing applies to professional moving services in Melbourne when it comes to moving your house. They have enough know-how to get the job done smoothly, but they will also need some assistance from you, and so, it will be helpful if keep in mind the following things. 

Be there but do not get in the way
The movers know what they are doing because they are trained and they have been doing this for years now. They will relocate your goods in the most efficient and safest way possible. If you try to micromanage every aspect of their work, it will only lead to needless delays and create unnecessary tension.

So, give them the necessary information but stay out of their way. Let them do the rest. Just stay in sight so that your movers can clarify certain things as and when they need.

Plan all the details in advance
The old adage ‘the devil is in the details’ perhaps rings the truest in case of moving house. Not paying close attention to things would lead you to miss out on something and then regret later. So, consider things like:

The details of delivery and pickup locations (the stairs, the nearest available parking space, and so on) and other physical constraints
Reserving suitable parking spaces for the moving truck
Reserving an elevator for the time of moving
Removing obstacles from the entryways and corridors

Speak your mind clearly
You will have to speak up and tell your movers everything that they need to know before time, such as:
How they can access your home (the streets permitted for the moving trucks, the obstacles along the way)
The place to park the truck (if you want them to park at a particular place in the driveway)
The items that need extra care (fragile, valuable, delicate, or sensitive goods)
The rules they need to be aware of (time restrictions, parking rules, etc.)

Get the packing sorted beforehand
As many mover would tell you, the best way of ensuring a hassle-free, fast, and smooth move is to be ready to go when the moving truck pulls over. But, if you are still packing and the movers need to wait for you all this while, you are just delaying your move and their job.

If you think you have too many items to pack and you will not have enough time to handle all that, you should just ask the movers beforehand if they offer packing services as well. 

The furniture pieces are not moving boxes
Leaving things in the drawers only to simplify packing is a big no-no and it is highly dangerous. Furniture are anyway heavy, and you are not only adding to that weight by putting things inside the drawer but also making it more difficult for the furniture movers Melbourne to carry. Besides, the drawers might open and make the things spill out and get damaged. So, it is better to be safe in time rather than being sorry later.

So, now that you know all about the dos and don’ts of hiring removalists Sydney, pick up the phone and contact CBD Movers today. They are the one-stop solution for all your packing and moving needs.