After getting engaged starts a new chapter of your life! It's quite a big step when you decide to take your relationship to the next level. After all, tying knot with your soulmate is special.

Besides the roller coaster of mixed emotions, one thing remains at the top of the heads that is to make your wedding day the most special and memorable.

While it would perhaps be the biggest party you ever throw, planning out your wedding can feel daunting at first. As a lot goes into making a perfect event, it could stress you out if you don’t plan things in advance.

Regardless of having a year or a few weeks to plan your special day, make sure to focus on one task at a time so that you don’t get overburdened. Here are five must-do steps to keep in mind along with other tasks to make your special day a success. 

Set Your Budget First

This is the most critical share of the equation- as the arrangements, the decor, and the venue basically everything depends on how much you are going to spend.

So, try to set a realistic budget that won't make you overwhelmed. Keep a check on every little expense that will be going to add up like dresses, gifts, food, grooming expenses, etc.

Also, make sure to check the number of guests you invite. Try to avoid inviting a huge crowd that you can't even manage!

Decide On the Venue

Once you set your budget and the guest count, it is time to hunt for the best ideal venues for your big day. For instance, if it is pouring or too cold, it is best to take a covered place to stay sheltered from these elements. Further, if it is pleasant out there, an outdoor celebration is ideal.

Some other things may involve:

Hiring reliable caterers
The theme of your event
Parking space
Overall cost

Hire the Right Videographer

Never skip on hiring a good and reputable wedding videographer to capture all the special moments and give you some everlasting memories. Choosing the right videographer is, in fact, one of the most crucial decisions you would make. He/she will be the only one to shoot the priceless moments in his/her high-quality camera that you might be missing out while mingling with guests. 

Therefore, you should not only set a separate budget for hiring a professional videographer, but also take help from reviews while searching for them. Make sure to hire the one who is not only skilled and experienced in wedding videography, but also compatible to work with.

Choosing A Few Dates Is a Win-Win

 Obviously, wedding dates depend on the availability of the venue, but choosing a few wedding dates in advance is no harm. First, consider the weather you want to wed in--if you prefer Saturday night (which could be more expensive) or a different day (possibly less in demand). 

Then, mark your calendar; addressing family conflicts, work schedules, holidays, etc. and narrow things down to a few best dates. Having some choices of wedding dates in handy will help you during the whole venue shortlisting process.

Research Your Vendors

Researching prospective vendors is crucial. Tons of amazing wedding planners and professionals are out there now, but it is important to pick the right ones for you. While you are searching out, make sure to go through the vendor’s bio, portfolio, pricing info, and their blog. 

Do thorough research for every type of vendor you require like, the photographer, videographer, florist, caterers, bakers, bands, etc.

We hope this post will help you in eliminating some of your confusion and plan your big day seamlessly!