A job as a lawyer can be quite extraordinary if that is your interest! While it comes with a lot of responsibility as well as an intense process to actually become a lawyer, the rewards of becoming one can be quite promising and fulfilling. It is highly crucial that you know each and everything that comes with being a lawyer because it will be quite the commitment once you set on the journey. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider pursuing law as career.

1. You will be earning a lot

Lawyers are one of the highest paid professionals around the world. Even though, the process of becoming a lawyer required an huge amount of investment, both financially and mentally, but you can be assured that you will be getting the return for you money very soon after you officially become a lawyer. Employment lawyers are heavily demanded in big cities which mean, along with being paid the big buck, they are also some of the most respected professionals. 

2. It is a prestigious profession

It has always been a very prestigious profession for decades now. It is also a profession that never goes out of demand making the profession an embodiment of success. To this day, professional lawyers enjoy great rankings and status in society, which are often further enhanced by the media.

3. You will have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives

The service that these professional give is a very important and crucial one, which is why lawyers also become important assets for society. This is especially true for public lawyers, who are truly helping people in need and would otherwise not be able to afford the service of legal help. Even private lawyers, take on some pro bono cases, that cater to people with low incomes who are in desperate need to get some legal help, such as cases regarding domestic abuse and discriminatory behaviour. 

4. You will be challenged intellectually

Once you become a lawyer, you will never get bored a day in your life because each case will be different and unique which will give you the chance to constantly challenge yourself. This makes the profession intellectually rewarding as well, as you get to sharpen your skills with every case.

5. There are a number of fields 

When it comes to law, there is a plethora of fields to choose from and to specialize in. You are bound to find something of your interest and then take it on as a career.  From employment law to criminal law, the possibilities are many.

We hope that these five reasons encourage you to become a lawyer, or at least make your decision easier for you in case you were considering to attend law school. It is highly important that you weigh out all the pros and cons and make an informed decision because this can be potentially life changing. But don't get scared - you can try yourself in the paralegal courses and see if becoming a lawyer is a good decision to make.