Quartz countertops have recently been taking people’s kitchens by a storm. But more and more people have begun to show a preference towards quartz counter tops because of the number of qualities they posses. Not only do they look beautiful in your kitchen but they are also extremely durable which means they will last forever in your kitchen. 

This masterpiece of a counter top is also known as engineered counter tops because of the level of sophistication that goes into creating them. Find out more about the quartz countertops if you are considering installing in your home.


They are incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and they will change the entire look of your kitchen. Once placed in the kitchen, it will immediately give the entire place a very luxurious and sophisticated feel.
They come in a variety of different colours, which means you will have a bunch of options to choose from depending on what kind of style and colour scheme you are going for regarding your kitchen. 
They don’t stain easily unlike granite and concrete you can spill anything and everything on these quartz countertops, just to find out that they will be easily cleaned with the wipe of a cloth. 
Since it is a non porous surface that means it will not become a home to any kind of bacteria which is means less chances of your family falling ill. 
You can even consider installing it in your bathroom because of all of its great qualities.
They are very low maintenance since they are non porous and don’t stain easily making them a great option to have in a household with children. 


The price of this beauty is perhaps the most significant con. If you have a luxury budget for renovating your kitchen then feel free to go for it, otherwise you will find it extremely pricey.
Since more and more people are opting for quartz countertops, it has made it quite contemporary. This means that you will find them to be quite common. If you are a person who doesn’t care about being unique or original, then this won’t bother you. But for people who like their preferences to stand out, the quartz countertop is probably not for them.
It is not that heat resistant compared to other hard counter tops such as granite. So you will have to be extra careful when dealing with pots and pans otherwise you could end up damaging it which will be quite unfortunate. 

It is quite obvious that there are more pros to having a quartz countertop than cons, perhaps the only game changer is the price for which you will have to think twice before getting it. But if budget is not one of your concerns then we advise you to go for these beauties, as it is sure to enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom and tie it all together.