The betting services industry is one of the largest in the world in terms of turnover of funds. The profitability of the business of bookmakers, according to their own statements, reaches 8-10%, although the reality is likely to differ significantly in a bigger way.

Starting this business on the base of sportsbook software, you need to understand what level of profitability you are counting on. Unlike trade, catering and other business sectors, the bookmaker's profitability is relatively small – up to 10%.

The principle of the sportsbook betting is simple: quickly resolve all organizational and technical issues, trust Betinvest as a software provider, which offers to create a sportsbook.

Every day, the sportsbook betting software offers a list of quotes for sporting events, which is called a “line”. Each of the outcomes of a sporting event has its own unique odd, which is necessary to calculate using the amount of the winnings in the white label sportsbook services.

Every day, the bookmaker creates the lines. The ratio of forces for a particular match to determine the probability of the outcome of this match. Of course, different companies may have their own vision of the outcome depending on the sportsbook software provider.

Procedure for starting a business with Betinvest is quite simple and is based on standard sportsbook algorithm using online sportsbook software. But just buying sportsbook management software for a bookmaker is not enough, surely.

First steps

To open a bookmaker company in the gambling business, you must obtain a license. The founder of the bookmaker entity should have experience in the gambling business. Otherwise, no one will issue a license to open a bookmaker’s virtual office. Therefore, often entrepreneurs are looking for an experienced director or offer a share in the business.

You need to enter the market with a certain line of rates (daily quotes) to stand out from the competition, which means you will need either a staff of analysts or a partnership with a large bookmaker’s office. The subscription fee for providing the daily line and software is also a necessity.

As soon as a new office opens, experienced players immediately rush into it. Everyone knows: beginners make a lot of mistakes, which means there is a real chance to earn on their inexperience. If the line proposed by the entrepreneur is significantly different from the offers of competitors, a large sum will be delivered to the entrepreneur in a short time. Therefore, in order not to burn out at the very beginning of work, the bookmaker needs to have a reserve fund and limit the maximum rates.

The reserve fund should be replenished in case of loss and somewhat exhausted in case of a win. The size of the reserve fund depends on the volume of rates and turnover, which the entrepreneur expects.

Also, any self-respecting betting network must have advanced betting software. You can buy an existing program, or you can write a program on your own or paying developers to do it.

Betting software

For trading on betting exchanges, professional players use programs that update data several times a second for sensitive tracking of movement of odds, allow them to view and simultaneously trade in multiple markets, conduct in-depth technical analysis of the market, and make installments with one mouse click. Programs for sports betting exchange automate certain processes, such as closing the market when the line changes negatively.

Software that helps betting bookmakers is in the format of both an online service and a downloadable application. Programs for bookmakers compare the odds of different bookmakers for different choices and track the movement of the line, demonstrating the falling and growing odds to the players in an understandable way. In addition, there are betting programs that provide players on betting with detailed statistics and point players on them.