Are you planning to RV travel and take your beloved dogs with you? Before you start In this article, we will cover our entire RVing experience with RV Dealer Dallas from RV shopping to RVing with precious pups.

RV must-haves

Equipped with a long list of a shopping list and nice to have items for your RV travel, we searched hard before we found the right RV trailer. The following are the items we added with our dogs in the top priority.

1. Sleeping quarters

Not just their usual sleeping quarters, it should be a comfortable quarter with all the slides in. And with comfortable sleeping quarter means you and your companion can sleep in the bed with enough room to lay both dog beds (a 48" diameter will do) on the floor. This provides the dog with a comfortable place to hang out while driving.

2. Room for dogs in the bedroom

There should be a specific place for the dogs in the bedroom. With all the slides out, allow enough room for your dogs where they are likely to sleep.

3. Accessibility

Dogs should have an easy access into the RV. It is suggested to have an entrance that has to be spacious enough where you and your dog can walk side by side.

4. Avoid floor to ceiling windows

Most RVs had nice floor to ceiling windows which you have to avoid to restrict the dogs to potentially breaking the windows, especially for dogs to have strong prey drives. They will do just about anything to chase an animal.

5. Temperature control

Whether you are planning to hike up at a campground out in the forest, make sure that there is a fine way to keep the RV cool on hot days when there is no AC or just overhead fans.

6. No carpet

It is much easier to clean up when there is least or no carpet on the floor.

Introduce the Dogs to the RV

Dogs will be unsure of their surroundings at first especially in the motorhome. Make them feel at home and find their spots. Once settled into the motorhome, dogs will be very comfortable sleeping in their new home.

Driving in the RV with Dogs

It’s suggested that dogs should have a long walk before getting on the road. This way, dogs can do all their businesses before the ride and will not feel a bit worn out before the driving start.

Dogs love to ride in the jeep. The dogs will probably wonder why their home is moving! so make sure that the dogs get their favourite spots. 

Prepare some water in the dog bowl. It should be about ½ full before you get on the road. This way the dogs can drink anytime and anywhere they want. 

Take advantage of the rest areas to walk the dog. Have a quick stop for a potty break until you get to your destination. 

Bring Vacuum. If you are going to travel with a husky that sheds 365 days a year, vacuum daily to keep the hair in control. Or else, it will look like it “snowed” inside your motorhome and no one wants that! Use a handheld pet vacuum with an attachment that works well on carpet.

Leaving Dogs in the RV

Make sure that everything is put away and in their proper places before you leave your dog in the RV. Usually, dogs are put in their kennel. If you have a long day planned, it will be better if dogs are in a doggie daycare so you can have an amazing worry free day.

Dog Products Recommended

There are two dog products that we can recommend for RVing. Look for a Ruffwear harness for hiking and the Vittles Vault container for dog's food storage. This storage is large enough to keep one bag of dog food (40lb). Store container in one of the bays. Make sure to measure the area where you plan to put the dog food to ensure it fits. 

RVing is such an amazing way to travel, with your dogs and for those dog lovers out there, we can only imagine you RVing with your dogs and taking photos of your dogs and your favourite spot in the RV