Putting in a new lock on a door may sound challenging. Click here for a door lock installation guide to learn about how to put a new lock on a door.

If you own a home, you already have a to-do list of home improvement tasks. Swapping out dirty air filters, changing smoke detector batteries, and repairing leaky faucets. The list never ends.

You’ll discover that some projects require special tools and at least a little experience. Here’s one most homeowners can handle with minimal supplies and minimal stress.

Whether an interior door needs a new lock or you’re upgrading entry doors with deadbolt locks, you can do it yourself.

Read our guide and learn everything you should know before you tackle door lock installation. After all, even the best security doors in Perth won’t be able to keep your home safe if their locks aren’t installed properly

Step 1. Choose Your Lock
The type of lock you choose depends on the door’s purpose.

If you’re installing a lock on a bedroom door, consider a keyed lever doorknob. Lever-style doorknobs come with a lock and key for privacy and security.

Bathroom doors normally don’t have keys. Instead, a privacy lock suffices. Look for a knob or lever lock with a pushbutton lock on the inside.

For exterior, or entry doors, most people want the maximum security. Modern front door locks include conventional, deadbolt, and smart locks.

If you’re not sure which locks work best for your specific needs, the professionals at denverlocksmith.com can help you figure it out.

After choosing your lock, gather your tools and get ready for door lock installation.

Step 2. Door Lock Installation Tools
Whether you’re a passionate DIYer or just starting out with home improvement projects, you likely have at least a few of the tools used when replacing door locks.

Here’s a checklist of helpful tools for this and many other home improvement tasks:
Tape Measure
Utility Knife
Wood Chisel

A wood clamp and a square are both tools you should add to your toolbox. You can also buy a door lock installation kit at most hardware stores.

Lock kits come with all required hardware and a template (for deadbolt locks). The template shows you where to drill holes for lock installation.

Step 3. Step by Step Installation
Remove the old doorknob, latch, and strike plate. This allows you to measure the diameters of the holes already cut out of your door. Once you have accurate measurements, you’ll choose a door lock that fits those dimensions.

Install the latch first. Lock kits come with a new latch plate, but you may also need to install a new strike plate. The strike plate, a metal plate attached to the doorjamb, holds the door closed.

After installing the latch, you’ll attach the doorknobs.
This is a two-step process and you’ll secure one half of the doorknob through the latch first. This half comes with a square peg on the side. Place the peg through the latch.

Place the other half of the doorknob on the other side of the door hole. Align the two halves with their screw holes and attach on each side with the screws included in the kit.

If you’re installing a deadbolt lock for the first time, you’ll bore a hole in the door first. Use the template included in the kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Ready to Install Your New Locks?
With the right tools, manufacturer’s instructions, and a measure of patience, you can handle installing new doorknobs and locks in your home.

Door lock installation is one home improvement project most homeowners can take care of on a Saturday morning and still have time for plenty of weekend relaxation.

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