Wood is one of the easiest and versatile materials to work with; as you can literally use is to create anything from tables and chairs, to picture frames, wall art and even delightfully decorated garden markers. Reclaimed wood, specifically, is a very unique variation of this pliable material, and a favourite when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind DIY projects. Read on for some awesome ideas on simple but unique DIY creations that you can make on your own, using reclaimed wood. 

1. Blanket ladder
Put together a few planks of reclaimed wood and create a ladder to store your blankets. You can also restore an old wooden ladder if you have one, using sandpaper and a light coat of paint, while ensuring that the ladder’s natural patina is still visible after the process is done. Blanket ladders are great at displaying and storing your favourite blankets and they lend a very warm ambience to the room as well.  

2. Cooler stand
Create a unique cooler stand using pieces of reclaimed or leftover wood, and place it on your patio to keep your drinks cool as you relax in your outdoor entertainment area with your loved ones next summer. 

3. Garden walkway
Place a few pallet boards of reclaimed wood in a path-like sequence to create a visually appealing walkway along your garden. Finish off the look by placing a few colored pebbles or crystal stones alongside the wooden boards, and it’ll look like the work of a real landscaping pro.  

4. Garden bar
Combine a few pieces of reclaimed timber and wooden pallets from Woodbridge Pallet Ltd to build a DIY bar for your next garden party.You can even give the bar a festive look by painting it in bright colors like blue and pink, while embellishing it with the words ‘Barbeque’ makes for a fun and unique finish. 

5. Bench
Get a large wooden plank and attach it to some black steel plates, topped with faux fur for comfortable seating, and you’ve got yourself a homemade DIY bench! This bench is as unique as it is chic, and will be sure to start many conversations among guests as you proudly display it at your next soiree. 

6. Custom cutting board
Ever wondered how those terribly beautiful and rustic looking cutting boards are made? Well, apparently if you glue together a pile of wood strips, you can create an amazing cutting board that’s custom made just for your kitchen. The best part is that you get to determine the size of the board based on the amount of wooden scraps that you use, and with enough strips you can make as many varieties of custom cutting boards as you like. 

7. Upcycled head board
Pair some wood pallets with scrap 2x4’s and you’ve got yourself a new headboard! Add a unique strip light fixture and your bedroom will feel like a cozy hotel room at some luxury hotel in an alpine destination. 

8. Wall treatments
Take a few pieces of reclaimed wooden planks and place them in your desired pattern along the wall, and secure them with a nail gun to create a dashing wall treatment in minutes! 

9. Fireplace mantel
A neat way to upcycle old wooden beams would be to cut them down to create an exceptional fireplace mantel. This rustic mantel is a definite knockout, and lends a unique charm and natural aesthetic to the space. 

10. Entryway table
This is probably one of the easiest DIY projects to put together from reclaimed wood. All you need is to collect about 5 to 7 reclaimed wooden planks, put them together with a nail gun or some strong glue, and you’ve got yourself a marvellously inviting and homely entryway table, and if you add more planks you can create ‘shelves’ for your shoes or decorative items as well. 

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