Anyone who has ever tended and managed a proper garden knows the level of convenience that a tiller can provide. A tiller is used to break tough soil so it becomes easy to cultivate. Tillers can come as rear-tine or front-tine. The main difference between a rear-tine tiller and a front-tine tiller is that the rear-tine is used for heavy-duty gardens and densely vegetative areas whereas a front-tine tiller is used for small gardens and household projects.

If you have decided that you really do want a rear-tine tiller, here are some of the tips you must consider:


To get yourself the best rear tine tiller, it is important that you choose a suitable manufacturer. Look online and search for reviews on which ones are the best manufacturers. This is something you buy only once usually so it's best that you buy the best one. 


Consider your budget when looking for a good rear-tine tiller. DO not spend more than you have set for your rear-tine tiller. If you don’t want it for heavy use, you will not need a very expensive and heavy-duty rear-tine tiller either.

Denseness of the Land

A rear tine tiller is used mainly for areas that are very dense in vegetation. This could be huge vegetable gardens or real farms or agricultural lands. Buy a rear-tine tiller only if you have an area of such great density to till. Otherwise, a front-tine tiller will easily suffice for you. 

Renting is Also an Option

Maybe you need a rear-tine tiller for very rare use every couple of years. In such a situation, you can actually rent it out from someone who already has one instead of buying one yourself. This will save you a considerable amount of money and you will not have to be very cautious about a budget or a manufacturer. If you still insist on buying one, you can rent it out to people who need to use it as well.  

Electric or Manual?

Rear-tine tillers come as those with electric start-ups and all or they can come as the manually operative kinds. See which one will suit you best. If possible, try out both models and see which one suits your hand the best.

Toughness of the Ground

Rear-tine tillers work really well on really tough ground. If the ground you wish to cultivate is already soft, you can easily work with a front-tine tiller. This is provided that the area of the land is not too great. 

A Front Tine Combo Maybe?

There are many models of tillers that come as combinations. You can get yourself a tiller that combines rear-tine, front-tine, and counter-tine blades and makes it work on any kind of ground. These tillers are usually quite expensive if you buy from a reliable manufacturer. They are also used for a wide variety of lands but most of us, as individuals, don’t really have that many different kinds of lands to till!