Your living room entertainment unit is the first thing people see when they enter your home. You ought to make this sight worthwhile! Entertainment units are also spaces in your home that carry most of your visual time share and therefore require careful thought to ensure optimal design and convenience. 

If you're looking to give your living room space an easy face lift, a sure-shot way to doing that is to ramp up your entertainment unit. Here are some of the most popular trends for TV consoles and units that are all set to rule interior design in 2021.

Revolving Portable TV Unit 

In today's age of compact condos and smart furniture, Revolving TV  units are finding many takers. Specially with rented homes being on the rise, occupants look for affordable home décor and furnishing ideas and prefer investing in portable revolving TV units that serve many purposes. 

In studio apartments with the kitchenet and the bed being in the same space, this revolving TV unit can be turned around to suit your viewing angle and location. Its smooth wheels lock into a solid and safe stance once it's in position. Roll it towards the kitchen to watch your show while cooking or towards your bed when you're preparing to snooze away for the night. 

Work desk Cum Entertainment Unit

A compact home needs smart designing solutions that blend different elements of a home into one unit. A work desk doubling up as an entertainment unit actually poses many advantages. For one, all your gadgets, wires and consoles are in one place. You can explore various configurations to use different screens and controls for various purposes. It also does well on saving space around the house. 

Have your printer, laptop, TV, game stations all placed adjacent to one another on a wall-mounted surface.  A cosy corner nook can be converted into a run-along table with a work chair to round off the entire unit. You work, play, entertain and hustle all in one convenient space! 

Marble Clad Entertainment Unit

The ultra-luxe entertainment unit with a marble clad wall spells opulence and elegance. Run your floor marble up along a wall to maintain a consistent theme and make that wall a focal point in it living room.

The upside to marble Clad walls is the sheer sophistication and charm it brings with it. There are also a few downsides to consider. A marble clad wall is going to cut a big hole in your pocket. It also means little or no storage space around your television. If you have concealed wires in your wall, accessing those can become a problem due to the marble. Wall clad marble maintenance is also something that requires due thought before you go with it. Marble wall surfaces need polishing every few years to retain its Lustre just like any marble flooring. Lastly, making any modifications or changes to your wall unit is next to impossible once you install the marble. So choose this look only if you're ready for the commitment. 

Upholstered Entertainment Unit

If you're a fan of fabricated walls, an Upholstered Entertainment Unit may catch your fancy. Most homeowners run Upholstered walls along the entire breath of their house and hence extend it to the television area as well. 

While an Upholstered wall may look upmarket, there are a few drawbacks to it. Firstly, you're going to have very little or no storage space at all. As upholstery sits at the centre of the entire design, there's very little you can add on lest it looks botched up and cluttered. The primary look of the entire set-up is the upholstery, leaving you to play up the wall rather than enjoy any storage. Second, Upholstered walls take a lot from you in terms of maintenance. Regular vacuuming and brushing is in order. Any dust collection or damage is going to mean ripping off the entire sheet for replacement. So go in for Upholstered TV units only if you are ready for this kind of commitment. 

Wooded Rafters With Unit

Wooden rafters or panels are a great accent piece of decor to have around your television. They're easy to maintain and go well with most interiors. What’s more, if your rampant home improvement exercise has left resulted in a lot of old wood, these panels are a great décor ideas for reclaimed wood. Just have it processed by an expert to suit your design. Voila! Your wooden entertainment unit now fits right into budget.

On the downside, however, you're losing out on storage space around your television. If you're not big on gadgets or play stations, this could be a good minimalistic look for your TV area. Do remember that wooden panels on your walls mean no water seepage, moisture or leakage. Any water surfacing from your walls is going to leave the wood inundated and spoil its entire presentation. Wood panels also need polishing and maintenance from time to time to retain its Lustre. Choose this TV unit design only if you don't mind sacrificing storage.

Minimalistic Glossy Polyurethane Unit

Glossy Polyurethane TV cabinets have scored big this year for their contemporary and chic appeal. 2021 will certainly see more of these elegant and minimalistic entertainment units in the interior decor space. 

Polyurethane is an easy to maintain material that holds onto its glossy finish for years. It is also low on maintenance and blends with most home interiors. If you're looking for an entertainment unit to break the monotony in your neutral colored living room, a black TV cabinet made of polyurethane is one that will definitely stay on trend on 2021. Throw in plenty of storage space for those gadgets and cover the clutter with luxe soft close doors that spell style. If you're battling a small floor space, wall-mounted cabinets are great for that minimalistic and clean look. Invest in a polyurethane entertainment unit and you know your living room is prepped up for years to come. 

Now that we have filled you in on home decor that's catching eyes this season, we hope you are looking forward to home improvement as much as we do! PS: That old entertainment unit is screaming out for attention!