Outdoor wooden pergolas in the garden truly catch one’s attention and give you that sense of tranquility of being on holiday with its distinctly Mediterranean vibe. As you sit outside during a sunny day under a pergola, the alternate strips between the sunlight and shadows give you a sense of warmth. 

So, if you have been trying to do get your bare lawn looking more like a home or you are just looking for an upgrade, an outdoor wooden pergola is one of your best options. Keep reading as we explore the world of outdoor wooden pergolas, the benefits of having them in your garden, and tips on maintenance to keep it looking tall, bright, and long-lasting through the weathers.

What is a pergola?
Outdoor wooden pergolas are commonly seen in dynamic entrances such as archways found in parks, gardens, and yards. Structurally, it is made up of a wooden framework of vertical pillars supported by crossbeams creating an alternate lattice ceiling. Compared to arbors that have a curved top arch, pergolas are flat and more open in structure.

Why should I get a pergola?
·         Pergolas offer many benefits, but the most obvious reason is that they are simply stunning. It is not just about the structure itself, but its lattice ceiling creates an artwork of shadows whenever natural light hits it at different angles.
·         Besides being an eye-catching feature for your home, pergolas also add a sense of functionality to any outdoor living space.
·         To bring more life into pergolas and add to its beauty, pergolas are a great structure for climbing vines, flowers, and other plants. You can also hang plants on the beams itself to bring the space in your pergola to life.
·         Pergolas are great to help you define any space without confining it or making it smaller due to its open structure.
·         While you might be fooled by the open ceiling of pergolas, each beam is spaced accurately so as to control the amount of light that enters the space. It might not offer complete shade, but the beauty of pergolas come in the shadows it creates when light hits the top of the pergola.
·         Pergolas are reasonably affordable and easy to build.

Maintaining outdoor wooden pergolas
Your typical choice of pergolas are usually either wood or vinyl. Most people would go for wooden pergolas as they are more tolerable when it comes to cleaning. However, you do have to follow some specific maintenance rules.

1.    First things first, give your pergola a visual inspection for cracks, splits, or even bee holes. If you notice anything significant or alarming, call your manufacturer and check on your warranty.
However, don’t fret over minor cracks as it does happen and you can easily get it fixed with a fresh coat of stain. If you notice any splinters peeling off, carefully remove them.
2.    Next, bring out the power washer with the power set on low and spray even strokes. Remember to spray from the top down. Ensure not to bring the nozzle too close to the surface of the pergola itself as it might damage the wood.
For more stubborn stains, use a regular scrub and water with soap for a manual deep clean. You can also purchase a specific cleanser for outdoor wooden pergolas. Once the washing is completed, give your pergola one or two days to dry.
3.    After it is completely dry, do another visual inspection for any areas that might require some touching up. If you notice any minor damages, get some wood putty to fill it in.
4.    To guarantee a more even look and accentuate the texture of your pergola, it is advisable to apply a coat of water-based stain and sealant with long and even strokes. If your pergola is made of cedar, its colour might change over time as it ages.

To preserve the vibrancy of its colour, ensure the pergola is completely clean before applying translucent wood stain suitable for cedar. When the stain is dry, apply a layer of sealant. Subsequently, apply a new coat of stain every other year to keep your outdoor wooden pergola looking brand new. Not only will this bring your pergola back to life, making it look more vibrant, it also acts as a protective layer.
So, what’s stopping you from getting an outdoor living pergola to amp up your yard? As you can see, it really doesn’t take much in terms of maintenance. Pergolas are a great way to bring your outdoor living space together and create a cozy space to hang out with your loved ones while taking in the surrounding nature.