Finally, the winter is over. It’s time to take out the patio furniture, light up the barbeque, and enjoy the warm weather while you can. However, to truly relax and enjoy the sunshine, prepare your home, inside and out, for the upcoming summer season.

Before the hot weather hits, you’ll want your home to feel fresh and as good as new. Shake off all of the winter blues with these three home maintenance ideas to get your house in great shape this summer.

New Windows

One of the best things about summer is how much natural light there is. Are you tired of the old windows you’ve had for what feels like 100 years? This year, consult with a window installation company that can optimize the amount of beautiful, natural light in your home.

It only lasts for a few months, so you’ll want to enjoy that natural light as much as possible. A new set of windows is the perfect way to open your home up to the beauty of the summer sunshine. Consider new bay or bow windows that let in plenty of light and summer warmth. 

The right windows will also offer optimal energy-efficiency and security.

Many older windows lack adequate energy-efficient technology. Cold air leaks out from older windows during the hotter months from your air conditioner. When you lose cold air, you're not only causing discomfort in the home, but you're also putting a dent in your bank account with unnecessarily high utility bills.

Look for products that are Energy Star® rated and will effectively prevent the cold air from seeping out of any window gaps. 

Seek a Professional Air Conditioner Check-Up

Do you know what else causes high energy bills? A neglected air conditioner! It's crucial to hire a professional to come assess your air conditioner every year, and this is the best time to do it.

Without regular maintenance check-ups, your air conditioner will rapidly deteriorate, causing it to work overtime. The filter will clog with dirt, dust, and debris; the coils will also collect an excess of dust, and the motor will slow down. All of the dust and dirt that builds up over time will make its way into your home through the vents as the filter and coils become overloaded. Your overworked air conditioner will also result in higher than usual utility bills.

It's particularly essential to maintain your air conditioning unit if you have pets or allergies because you'll want the air in your home to be as clean as possible. There's nothing worse than stale air full of pet dander and other harmful particles circulating the house on a hot, summer’s day. 

Clean Out the Gutters 

The rain gutters not only protect your home’s siding and landscaping, but they also prevent damage to your home’s foundation. Throughout the year, gutters fill with sticks, leaves, and other debris, and this can cause clogs and result in an overflow of water under the roof. Often, this damp debris can also cause rotting in the roof and shingles.

You should clean out the gutters in your home at least twice a year — particularly in late spring. If you have overhanging trees or if your area experiences big storms regularly, you should clean them more often.

Create a clean, fresh, and comfortable environment in your home for a perfect, relaxing summer oasis.