Steel is an alloy mix of iron and carbon, although there are usually some other elements in the mix as well. It is known to be exceptionally strong but can also be created in virtually any shape. In fact, there are 5 good reasons why it should be used in residential construction.

Of course, you’ll need to find a reputable steel suppliers Sydney to ensure you get the very best material for your needs.

1. Strength

Steel is one of the strongest materials on the planet. This makes it a great choice for any building project, residential as well as commercial. It can also be manufactured in an array of hues, giving beauty to any structure you create.

2. Speed of Manufacturer

Once the mold has been created any piece of steel can be made simply by heating it and pouring the molten metal into the appropriate mold. The result is that almost any piece of steel can be manufactured very quickly.

That’s useful if you’re undertaking a residential project and need an extra piece. Instead of having to wait for weeks for another part, you can have it in days or even hours.

If you go a step further and choose to have the frame of the house created in steel instead of traditional methods, you’ll find that it can be erected in just a few days. Traditional methods will take weeks or months. That’s a substantial difference when you’re on a strict timetable.

3. Simplicity

Because steel is so strong you’ll need less of it to support your residential project. This means your building can have more open spaces and light. In fact, it can even reduce the cost of the build as the frame is much simpler to design and build.

In addition, the metal can all be fabricated off-site. The steel is then delivered and welded or bolted together, that’s reducing the labor time-on-site, saving costs and ensuring the finished building looks like the one you envisioned.

4. Earthquake Resistant

Metal framed buildings are known to be earthquake resistant. If you live in an area that is prone to having earthquakes this is a good choice as your home is more likely to still be standing after a quake than one built with more traditional materials. 

Don’t forget that steel has been used in commercial buildings for many years, there is no reason why it can’t be an effective method of completing residential projects.

5. Fire Resistance

Steel is also fire resistant. That means your home is likely to resist a fire whether it starts inside or outside. With the recent massive bush fire, it’s nice to know that your home is still likely to be there after the fire has passed. Of course, this wouldn’t be a good enough reason for you to stay in the home if you’re in the path of the fire. 

Steel can be used to create an attractive finish to your home and, with the right maintenance, it can last for many years.