Living beachside is one of life’s great pleasures but it can also be quite challenging to find outdoor furniture which can withstand the many changing weather conditions. The effects of the sand, salt and moisture can be really damaging to your furniture so finding something which can withstand the weather is important. 

The main weather conditions you’ll need to be aware of which can harm your new furniture set include:
Seaspray and humidity
High winds 

Here’s a rundown of the best and most coastal friendly options:


If you’re interested in a classic wooden set with a warm, natural-looking aesthetic, a teak outdoor furniture set is one of the best options. As it was used in shipbuilding in the past, it’s natural oiliness means that it’s water-resistant. The only drawback of having teak outdoor furniture by the sea is that it can fade if you don’t treat it properly. Care for it by regularly applying linseed oil to keep the rich colour in great condition. It can be expensive, but it’s durable properties and rich look make it worth the hit on your wallet.

Resin plastic

Stackable and easy to move around, resin plastic is synthetic and perfect for living beachside as it’s resistant to salt and won’t fade or rust. It can however be easily blown around by the wind so it’s a good idea to have somewhere close by to store it where you can move it in if the breeze picks up. It’s a good idea to check that the hardware used to fasten it together is rustproof too or you may end up disappointed. 


Aluminium is a great choice for outdoor furniture when you’re living by the coast, it doesn’t rust, is easy to keep clean and maintains its modern look all year round. The only drawback is that is can also be quite light and easily blown around by the wind which can be a downside when the sea breeze picks up. 

Steel and wrought iron

Avoiding both steel and wrought iron is a must unless you like having furniture that gets rusty and looks old very quickly! The humidity and salt will damage the metal and wear it down over time. Should you wish to invest in a set made from a non-coastal friendly material like one of the above, you’ll definitely have to splash out even more money on some sturdy furniture covers, but even then you’re not guaranteed it will stay protected.

Remember, not all outdoor furniture is made to withstand the harsh Australian elements so it’s a good idea to do your research before investing in a brand new set. By following this handy guide you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing in your beachside space for many years to come.