Who doesn’t want a superb house with spacious rooms, luxurious furniture and a relaxed atmosphere? Man has gone hundreds of miles away from the definition of the basic necessity of shelter.

 From cavemen living inside the safety of caves and sleeping on the floor, humanity has transcended into residing at villas and mansions with soft futons, amber lighting, and vanilla-scented incense. Gone are the days when the fear of predators kept us awake. Today, the worry of a homeowner are house mortgages, aerial repairs, and broken furniture. 

The modern man now finds it an exciting endeavour to go looking for new home improvements to showcase his affluence, taste, and culture. It has become ingrained in our upbringing that a good-looking home is a sign of success and wealth. In fact, the home decor industry is expected to earn an estimated amount of $664 billion this year. As the real estate industry grows, it can’t be helped that the home decor industry also grows with it.

For those with money, they can simply buy a completely furnished house or hire a professional interior designer to help improve their aesthetics. Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial capacity to do so much. The majority of homeowners rely on advice from friends and DIY their home aesthetics. 

Aside from the personal satisfaction and validation felt by homeowners that their house is spectacular, the market value also increases with the improvement of their property. Most homeowners who plan to sell their house decide to fix up the place before they sell so they can get the most profit from it.

When looking at home improvements to make, one thing you should know is that comfort must also be taken into consideration together with the overall aesthetics. Likewise, minimalism may also be an option. Give your space justice by not overcrowding it too much.

Below are some of the best home improvements to make for 2020.

Ensure All Are Working Properly

Before you even start to look at online catalogues of furniture and fixtures, the first thing you should totally do is to ensure that everything is working properly. It would be extremely lopsided and comical if you focus your resources on a new room or in replacing stuff that is still in good condition when you have installations and appliances that needs immediate repairs. Restoring your roof, for example, should take precedence over any aesthetically-inclined improvements.

Art Paintings

Nothing says that the homeowner is cultured more than canvas art hanging around your walls. There are also several reasons as to why you should hang art on your walls. You can use it to spruce up a bare wall, cover up holes and even just so you can appreciate some art while in the comfort of your own home.

Art is also considered as an investment. When you buy art from a starting, local artist, often time it is cheap but when they make it big, the price of the art piece will surely multiply tenfold.

Solar Panels

With Global Warming reaching irreversible status soon, it is only ethical to go green. Clean energy is one of the rising trends of the home improvement industry. You can opt to install solar panels on your roof to power your house. Not only will solar panels help save the planet, but it will also save your pockets by slashing down your electric bill. Your house will also have a unique and modern touch.

Unconventional Colors

Gone are the days when houses must all be of the same colour. The 1950s to 2000s was a time when residential areas all displayed a uniform colour palette. The trend right now is to go against the conventional and let your house exhibit its grandeur with unconventional colours. Contrasting or unique colours will definitely boost the aesthetics of your house.

Surveillance Systems

Safety is one of the main benefits of owning a house. With the advancement of technology, surveillance systems are now easy to come by. A CCTV camera or two will guarantee that you monitor all the things going on around your house. Burglars will think twice before coming near your house if they find that your property has a working surveillance system.

Swimming Pool

If you have space and the resources to fund it, then why not install a swimming pool right in your backyard? You and your family can have a refreshing dip any time you want. You can also guarantee that the water you’re swimming in is clean and safe unlike with public pools where the water is almost as dirty as sewage water. Swimming pools also increase the overall market value of the house which is perfect for those who are looking to sell their property in the future. 


Gardening has been found to be a therapeutic activity that helps with many physical and mental ailments. Just the fresh air alone could provide countless health benefits. Psychiatrists also suggest gardening to those suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD as it helps calm them down during nervous breakdowns. A garden will improve your property’s aesthetics way more than a lawn would. On top of that, you now have a source of fresh produce for you and your family to consume.