Rugs are one of the (if not the) most underutilized interior decoration items in the world. Although they are one of the oldest inventions back from the 5th Century BC, they are someone not paid as much attention to in the current age. However, there are a variety of types of rugs that are used in various corners of the rooms in a home. 

Let us look at some of those varieties and how they help jazz up the specific area of placement:

1. Area Rugs: Of all the below mentioned rugs, these are by far the most popular kind of rugs. They can be used to decorate any setting. They come in versatile styles and also in many possible shapes and sizes. The shape and size of the rug that you should get for your living room depends on the area of focus in each corner of your house. 

One of the most trendy area rug patterns in the year 2019 and in the coming year is the use of mid-century modern geometric pattern rug. If you are looking to buy patterned area rugs online, go ahead and buy them. They will look extraordinary in your living quarters. 

2. Hallway Runners: Hallway runners, as the name suggests are designed to fit into the hallway area. They are available in a variety of lengths, depending upon the size of your hallway. Without a rug in the hallway area, the entrance to one’s home seems empty and inviting. 

Adding this feature into the hallway makes your home more open for conversation flow. Hallway runners usually have narrow width and are long, covering the length of your hallway.
3. Outdoor Rugs: Outdoor rugs are machinery equivalent of heavy-duty weather-resistant rugs. These heavy-duty rugs are meant to be used outdoors on the patio, decks and by the poolside. 

4. Kids Rugs: These area rugs places in kid’s bedrooms and play areas, where they spend most of the time, studying or playing. They can come in many various shades and sizes. Kid’s rugs however are usually on the brighter colour side, as they prove to be interactive and thus leaving kids to make use of the rug as a part of their play. 

5. Bath Rugs: This is by far one of the most recent types and uses of the new age rugs. they usually set up at the foot of the bathtub, outside the shower cubicle or at the base of the sink. They are usually soft and water-absorbing to ensure that there isn’t a big splash of water all over the bathroom floor after a bath or shower. 

6. Stairway Runners: Steps and stairways can be slippery. Stairway runners are designed to provide good footing and no chances of slipping on them. They are sturdy, even those who are elderly can go up and down the stairs without any problems. Not only are these rugs functional but they beautify the stairwell.

7. Kitchen Rugs: Apart from the newness related to bathroom rugs, kitchen rugs are also becoming a popular trend in 2019. Not only are they popular, they are functional as well. Earlier many people used to avoid using rugs in the kitchen as they were trying to avoid slippage of food on it, causing a ruckus. 

Not only do kitchen rugs minimize the chances of slipping on the floor, but they reduce the amount of fatigue felt by feet on standing for long periods of time. Those who hate to spend time in the kitchen will find it more inviting if they begin using patterned area rugs in the kitchen area. 

You will be able to make an informed decision about getting the right kind of rug for any corner of your home by going through these seven points and adapting it to your personal needs. Happy Shopping!