A fence is a very first thing you see when you approach a house - it’s not surprising that most people want it to look good. But apart from that, good fencing should also provide a sense of privacy and security. That’s why many people decide on the option that can really give you all - vinyl fencing. You’re not sure what you want exactly? Wholesale Vinyl Fencing can help you choose the right type of fence and give you an estimated price of the whole installation. So why is this choice so popular among homeowners? What are the pros and cons of vinyl fencing?


+ It’s low maintenance

After you’re done with installing your fence, there’s nothing you have to do more. You don’t have to repaint it in the future (unless you want to change the color), because once painted, in never fades; it also doesn’t rust, so no primer needed as well. It’s not wood, that’s why you don’t have to worry about termites. The only maintenance needed here is cleaning it with water and soap once in a while. 

+ It’s recyclable

You want to go for a vinyl fencing, but you’re not sure if you want a lifetime commitment? There’s no need to worry because it’s a recyclable material, so it won’t go to waste, even if you change your mind after some time. It’s not treated with any toxic chemicals, therefore it is harmless and environmentally-friendly. 

+ It’s strong

Vinyl fencing is about five times stronger than the wooden one. Thanks to its strength, it serves its security purpose as well; it’s the best type of fencing if you have any cattle or horses. What’s more, it can look very similar to wood but without all of its disadvantages. Since it is also rust-free and pests-free, and it doesn’t absorb any moisture, it’s very likely to last for many years. You don’t have to think if your pool or a pond or some plants are too close to your fence - vinyl doesn’t mind. 

+ It doesn’t mind the weather

Because of its resilience, it’s a great option if you live in an area exposed to extreme weather - whether there are strong winds or heavy rains, a vinyl fence will be unbothered. It also doesn’t mind water, nor salty water, so it’s perfect for allotments by the sea because it won’t ever rot. 

+ It’s easy to install and redecorate

The gist of vinyl fencing is self and easy assembly. This will save you a lot of money, as you won’t need to hire any professional contractors to do it for you. When you don’t like it or you simply want to move it, disassembly is just as easy. What’s more, if you decide that you suddenly want to change your brown vinyl fencing to white vinyl fencing (or whatever color), it’s not difficult, nor problematic. 

+ It gives you privacy

Contrary to aluminum or iron fencing, vinyl can actually provide you with the sense of privacy you need. It’s possible to get one-piece panels of vinyl to avoid putting individual posts with spaces between them, like in the case of a wooden fence, and it can also be high enough to hide you from prying eyes.


- It’s not the cheapest

Vinyl fencing can sometimes cost twice as much as a wooden fence the same size, so there can be a lot of money to spend at the moment of installation. However, with the benefit of hindsight, because of its low-maintenance, a vinyl turns out to be cheaper - wood requires a whole lot more of your time, money and attention and it’s more likely to damage. 

- It’s hard to repair

A vinyl fence is made of plastic, so even though it’s resilient and it doesn’t absorb moisture, it’s not that strong when it comes to extreme temperatures. Of course, there are different types of vinyl, so it’s important to make sure that the one you choose won’t fade in the heat or freezing cold - it’s more expensive but totally worth it, as it can last years. When it does get damaged, it’s not so easy to repair as it was to install it - you’ll likely need to call the professionals. 

Despite these few disadvantages, a vinyl fence is still more cost-effective than the wooden one and, properly installed, it can take your mind off the fencing problem for years. It’s essential to choose high-quality, thick vinyl, so always make sure who you’re dealing with and what you’re actually buying.