Laminate floors are very popular and for good reason They have many advantages over hardwood floors or carpets.

They are cheaper but still look great.
Easy to maintain, properly looked after they can last for years.
Healthier option for people with breathing issues as dust or hairs do not build up on the floor.
Easy to install yourself.

Well the last point may not be 100% true. It really depends on your DIY skills. Many people want to install laminate flooring and do not want to use a professional for the installation. This can save them a considerable amount of money. 

If that is, you here are some basic guides that can help you achieve success. However, if your DIY skills are not great then getting a professional installer to do it is always recommended as laying laminate flooring takes a bit of skill and practice.

The first thing to remember is that you must have patience if you’ve never done this before. Patience is required at many levels.  Patience with yourself, your helpers and the floor. 

Think of the patience required to teach your kids to drive