Maybe we can thank Marie Kondo for this, but lately, it seems that everyone is on a mission to get organized. And that’s a good thing!

But, being organized isn’t just about keeping a neat and tidy house. It’s really about being more productive.

When you live an organized and clutter-free lifestyle, you’re able to move swiftly from one task to the next. And the faster you’re able to get things done, the more you’ll be able to enjoy a work-life balance and do the things you love. And that’s a pretty great reason to get organized now.
Hoping to wrap up 2019 with a bang? Starting to think about how you can improve your life next year? Here are five apartment organization tips to be more productive in 2020!
#1 Get Rid Of Clutter

A cluttered apartment cannot be organized. In fact, the very definition of clutter is “a crowded or confused mass or collection.” In other words, it’s the exact opposite of organization.
So before you can start organizing your belongings, you’ll need to get rid of all the clutter first.

Here’s how to do it:
Create three piles in each room: keep, toss, and donate. Keep the essentials. Toss things that are damaged or of little use. Donate anything that you think someone else may be able to put to good use.

Once you’ve cut your “collection” down by 30-50%, you’re ready to start organizing.
Remember, the less you keep, the easier it will be to put it all away.
#2 Start Small

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process of organizing, so it’s always best to start small.

There’s no need to tackle your entire apartment in one day. Instead, focus on one cabinet, one drawer, or one closet at a time.
In order to be productive, you have to maximize efficiency. Essentially, that means never wasting time looking for things in your apartment.
If you spend five minutes looking for a spatula every time you cook a meal, start by cleaning out your utensil drawer.
If it takes you ten minutes to find a matching pair of socks every morning, start by organizing your sock drawer.
When everything has a home and you know where to find things when you need them, your life will be much easier.
#3 Invest in Storage Bins and Boxes

Storage boxes and bins are about to become your new best friends.
Once you've fully decluttered, buy a few storage boxes, bins, and drawer organizers to keep your belongings contained (and out of sight).
For example:

Find a small bin to hold all of your cables and chargers. The next time you need to charge your Kindle, your wireless headphones, or your Fitbit, you’ll know exactly where to find the USB cord.
Can’t fit all of your shoes in your closet? Pick up an over-the-door organizer to hold multiple pairs and make them easy to see. Instead of rummaging through shoe boxes in your closet, you can keep your shoes on display.
Not sure what to do with all those bill statements and receipts that accumulate around the house? Organize all of your papers inside a file box (with some interior dividers) under your bed or in your home office.

#4 Go Paperless and Digital

Going paperless is a great way to cut back on clutter and maximize space in your apartment.
Cancel your magazine subscriptions and read your favorite publications online instead. Set up autopay plans for your bills so you no longer receive invoices in the mail.
Do you really need to hold onto your CD collection from college? Subscribe to a digital music service and free up space by getting rid of all those old CDs you probably never listen to anyway.
Just keep one thing in mind:
Living a paperless and digital life doesn’t get you off the hook from organizing. You won’t have to find space for physical items, but you will need to take some time to organize your digital files. Create folders on your laptop to store everything, and don't forget to back up your data to a hard drive or the Cloud.
#5 Organize Like Items Together

Being organized and being neat are two very different things. You can be neat by merely keeping things concealed within cabinets and drawers.

But being organized is a whole different ball game.
To fully organize your apartment and become more productive, there’s one key rule to keep in mind:
Keep like items together.
In other words, don’t store some of your cleaning products in the bathroom and others in the kitchen. Organize them all in one place in the same room.
Keep all glasses and cups together on one shelf in your kitchen cabinet. Store pots and pans together on another.
The same goes for your refrigerator and pantry. By organizing like items together in the same area, you’ll be much more productive when prepping meals. And, you might even be able to create some extra space in your fridge.
One place you should put extra effort into organizing is your bedroom closet. If you can get your wardrobe in order, getting dressed in the morning will be a cinch! So, spend some time separating your clothes, folding them neatly, and moving seasonal items like jackets elsewhere until you need them.

With an organized and clutter-free closet, your morning routine will instantly be more productive.


Productivity and organization go hand in hand. The more organized you are, the more productive you will be.
Start small by decluttering every cabinet, closet, and drawer one at a time. Keep only what you need, and pick up some storage boxes to organize the rest.

Once you organize your physical belongings, go paperless, and create a filing system for digital files as well.
Incorporate these habits into your life, and you’ll be shocked at how much more productive you are in 2020!

Author Bio:
Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. He has over 10 years of experience in the student housing industry and works with Sakara on a daily basis to grow their online presence.