Gone are the days of nursery decors with adorable stuffed animals, colorful prints and full-on superhero wallpapers. However, teenagers are not exactly ready for crystal chandeliers either!

Decorating a teenager’s bedroomcan cause a lot of tension. You want to guide them in decorating their own room that feels consistent with the rest of your home while giving them enough freedom in order to do as they please— all without getting into heated arguments and slammed doors.

Yes, the room decorating transition can pose a great challenge, however it is not insurmountable. As a matter of fact, with just a bit of guidance, you can decorate a modern and stylish bedroom for your teens. 

1. Add Colors and Patterns

Feel free to use bold colors in your teen’s room. Most teens respond really well with colors and patterns as well as adding energy to the room. Just keep in mind that your idea of pattern and color is very much different than theirs.

This does not mean that they can go their way, it is still your house. But, take into consideration that it is “their” room, so be a little considerate on what they want. Suggest different paintings and patterns on different walls for a dramatic effect (they are teens after all). Match your pattern and color schemes to your teen’s style and personality. 


When they have decided what they want it’s time  to find professional painting contractors that can assist you in your teen’s bedroom styling and painting needs.   Where do you start looking? Look no further than here, Painters Pretoria's #1 paint contractors website.

2. Storage Options for Organizing

Let’s face it, teenagers are messy. It is a parent’s nightmare entering their teen’s room and ending up cleaning all their mess. 

So, you can solve such problem by offering your teen a way to keep their mess and clutters to a minimum. Not only does it make their room clean but it also provides them with a space that is much more enjoyable (and fewer arguments with you). Baskets or plastic bins can go a long way to organize makeup, jewelry, school papers, and other tinkers. 

You can use drawstring bag, boxes under the bed, hooks attached inside closets or to the walls for hobby items and clothing. 

3. Floating Shelves

Teen’s life is a busy life— things are happening constantly, coming and going, so it is best that they have lots and lots of shelves available in order to keep their life organized and on track while also enhancing the décor of their room. You can install floating shelves for their books, school paperwork, and other items. You might as well make one for their shoes so that they don’t just take it off and leave it untidy on the floor. 


4. Decorate the Star of the Room

Beds are the primary piece of furniture in any bedroom. For teens, it is also their usual hang out spot (much than their desks and tables). Therefore, it is important that you make it the star of the room. Get a couple of fleece to make a blanket throw, make some throw pillows, paint the headboard panel in contrasting colors, or paint the bed frame itself in bold and brighter colors.

For the girls, you can get an inexpensive netting canopy or maybe hand your own LED string light of fabric from the ceiling with small hooks. For the boys, less means more— fewer pillows, solid colors, and a place to set their gadgets, snacks, and soda will be very much appreciated. 

5. Office Space

If you have got about a square footage for it, you can help add productivity to your teen’s routine by adding a dedicated workspace in their bedroom. With bright white paint and pops of blue or pink patterns that should create an air of driven focus and still keep the light-hearted vibe. 

With such a gorgeous space, your teen’s will surely take the initiative to study or make their projects, homework at lightning speed. Choose a small pull-out desk then decorate with essential small cabinets and organizers. Also, get your teen a comfy chair fully equipped with a fluffy pillow for comfort in between hard study sessions.