Now make the boring walls talk by using the fabulous and fresh looking wallpapers for instant makeover of your house. You don’t need to prepare yourself for the fuss that usually comes along with painting of walls as wall papers can be put at place in few easy steps. It all seems as easy as applying the glue and sticking it to the wall but if you are planning to do it right away then take a break, as there is lot you need to know about this fancy wall décor prior to making it a reality.

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Why should you use the wallpaper?

Before getting convinced for using this artistic piece of paper to decorate your walls, you should know the reasons for doing it.

-    It is one of the most cost-effective ways for instant home makeover.

-    There are hundreds of designs to choose from and you will always find many options to go with your current décor.

-    No need to redo all walls as it is no-mess solution which can be applied to even a single wall.
There are many points backing the use of wallpaper for getting the whole new look for your home but there is one point of caution – Make a right choice!

How to select the right design?

The right design is not always the one that appeal you as there are many other factors governing the decision. You will find many designs and colors ready to be explored at the home décor shop, but here are few factors that may be kept in mind before making the decision.

-    Dark colors are not at all recommended for the small sized rooms. When single wall is to be highlighted, you can check out for darker shaded but not very dark if the room is small as it will interrupt your vision.

-    Light colored wallpaper is ideal for small rooms but when using it for large sized room, you will have to opt for the darker shade to establish a proper contrast.

-    In either case, don’t use the same dark shade wall paper on the opposite walls as this will make them appear close to each other making the room look small.

-    Small prints are also not for small rooms. The small prints in dark colored wallpaper would make the room appear dark, small, and gloomy. If you want to have small prints in your house then use it in the bedroom or bathroom to get the cozy feel.

-    The large prints used in small room may create an illusion for eyes that makes even the walls look larger because of the print.


-    Metallic is in! Paint textures, laminates, and even the wallpapers are now found in metallic tones. You can make one wall reflect light by using the metallic wallpaper. Metallic tones are quite difficult to handle, so don’t overdo it. Just take up one wall and highlight it with the hues of metallic print.

-    Matt finish wallpaper is always the safer option. When you don’t understand what would go with the existing décor then use the matt finish wallpaper as you will never go wrong with it. The matt look would gel with all types of furniture and furnishing equally well.

Cost-effective Designing Solution

It is surely a cost-effective designing solution compared to most of the options. You can use the designer wallpaper on one wall and get the effect in the entire room. When you are using some super designer piece on one wall of the room, put up a mirror on the wall facing the same as it will reflect the mirror image of the wall paper making that wall designer as well.

The entire range of wallpaper starts from very cheap to super expensive designs. There are colors and prints available irrespective of the pricing as the cost is decided on the basis of texture and exclusivity of the design. If the wallpaper is customized just for you then you will have to pay extra. All you have to do is decide the budget and look for the design to fit in the budget. If you don’t find much of choice in your budget then use the small patches here and there like behind the book case and TV, near the display table, or above the bed headboard. This will save you lot of money.

There is a lot of scope when you use wallpapers as they are easy to handle and have varied designs worth exploration.

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