After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is come home and have to clean up the house. We can barely keep our eyes open for dinner, let alone clean up after dinner. It can be a particularly tiring process to clean up your home, let alone maintaining the garden. To keep your home and garden in a well-maintained state, is like having another full-time job.

The last thing you want to do on your days off is to completely clean your house top to bottom, and maintain the garden as well. By the time you’ve finished getting your home up to standards, the rest of your time includes sleeping and recovering from the rigorous housework. Why is gardening so tiring? Research shows that we are incredibly reliant on our visual senses. We see our home and garden getting messier; however we don’t change our behavior because we haven’t wired that habit into our brain.

Now it’s time to make the change to be organised individuals, whilst still giving you plenty of time to be lazy in the process.

1) Bins It

When feeling incredibly lazy, it becomes very easy to perform the habit of leaving our rubbish everywhere. It is so easy to leave a pile of rubbish in each and every room of the house. It may be on your “to-do list”, but it is probably at the bottom. Instead of leaving your dirty tissues and old papers around, just keep a little bin in the corner of the rooms you spend most of your time in.

Usually the bedroom, bathroom and study are the best places to put mini bins, as we accumulate a lot of rubbish in those areas. Also, from a psychological perspective, use trash bags instead of plastic shopping bags as you’re more mental inclined to take the trash out regularly if it actually looks like trash.

2) Don’t Clutter Your Home

The problem with clutter is that once you have a little clutter here and there, it escalates incredibly quickly. Think of clutter like eating your favourite chocolate, eating one piece turns into two, two into four, and next thing you know, you finished the whole block.

That’s exactly how clutter accumulates. It continuously grows and accumulates dust everywhere from tables to your windows.

Having storage areas and facilities in your home can be incredibly beneficial to minimalize clutter. A great inexpensive way to reduce clutter is buying storage bins that can keep the clutter in one specific place. You can go through it once a week, just to keep on top of the situation. Also, just a quick tidy up with a cloth before bed is another easy and free way to clean up your home.

3) No-Till Method

The use of a range chainsaws can be very useful when maintaining your garden. Regular chainsaws make incredibly light work of any unwanted trees or branches around you garden. While pole saws are great for maintaining hard to reach areas. However, always be extremely careful of falling branches into your garden beds.

To take care of your garden you should enforce the no-till gardening method. The idea is to never disturb the soil after planting your initial plantation. By using fertilizers, manure, and lime on top of the garden beds, it infuses within the subsoil of the garden bed. Over time, it becomes incredibly beneficial to the maintenance of your garden.

4) Mulch

You can use your chainsaws to cut down and trim your bushes and tree branches. This is a great way to create organic mulch for your garden beds. With the implementation of your new technique, this helps your garden beds tremendously by continuing the no-till process. By doing your monthly trimmings, you are actually saving more time in the process.

Whilst it may be difficult to effectively change our habits and get our bodies into a regular routine, it can begin a major life change. By organising your life appropriately, you can actually be a lazy couch potato more often, which is win-win! You get to enjoy a clean house and garden, and get to “Netflix and Chill”.