Everybody wants to use a clean furniture, especially when you know that you are unable to buy new furniture very single day. Cleaning your furniture, takes time and you must select a day for providing this service to your house. 

Make sure that you know what sort of furniture, you have in your house. the furniture industry is growing day by day as people are getting the aesthetic awareness from the internet and television. We can not deny this fact now, that even those who used to live in rural areas, want to have the best articles for their houses. 

The reasons, for writing this article is my mother’s desperateness. She does not want to clean her wooden furniture with moist or wet cloth. She thinks that this will destroy th polish. 

She may be true, but not very wooden article, cleaning your furniture is secondary but having a long lasting furniture article is compulsory which is available at New York furniture outlets

Whenever you go out and buy some furniture make sure that you are asking a few compulsory questions to the sellers, like the lifetime of the article. Buy some protective sheets for them, ask for the dos and don’ts as well. this will help you in maintain your furniture for a little longer.

Here are some tips which can be followed for cleaning your furniture. 

1. Get the right cleaning tools 
For cleaning your delicate antiques, such as lamps and decoration pieces of glass you ought to buy an ostrich feather duster, which must be made up of the real ostrich feathers. 

That duster will not cause any crack to the articles, and it is quite safe instead of using any sort of hard and rough duster. 

Or, you can have treated clothes, which are synthetic but especially designed for cleaning delicate glass or wooden surfaces, so that your precious articles must not get any kind of scratches. You can use diapers as terry towels for trapping dust.

2. Tips for cleaning 
You are not supposed to use the all-purpose cleanser. They are not made for brittle wood or wooden polish. Even if you want to, then before applying the cleanser you must read the ingredients of the solution. If it has not got any concentrated acids. 

If you want to use them, then make sure that your furniture has got a plastic covering on them. 

3. Use mild soaps 
You must use very mild soaps and very minimum water. You are supposed to apply a little soap on a moist cloth. 

Rub it on the stains and it will be safe from moisture damage. 

4. Use oil polishes once a year 
You need to buy some good quality furniture polish. Before you check the main ingredients you also need to check the odor. 

Odorless polishes are the best because after applying them you will only get clean and shining wood. Not some bad odor which will compel you to stay out of your favorite room. 

You can also use some cleaning waxes, which are a good alternative of polishes, because polishes can be expensive and unaffordable. I recently bought one, but my mistake was not to read reviews before buying so make sure that you do note the reviews. 

5. Try some homemade things 
You must have known that some 100 years ago people did not have any such wood cleaners. The industries were growing, and majority of the people were relying on homemade solutions for cleaning their furniture. 
You can use, lemon juice mixed with alcohol. This solution will clean tough stains. You can use wood wax, but before that you will have to mix that wax with alcohol.