When it comes to having a swimming pool at home, mostly it is the design of the pool that perplexes the home owners. Swimming pools can be made of various designs and so clients should be careful enough while choosing the style and design. There are a few designs which are all time favorite, and there are some that are in style these days. The trick is to choose the right design according to the requirement from a range of options.

Home owners can easily choose from these 10 different designs.

1. Rectangular pools

Rectangular pool is the commonest design that is found all over the world. The most attractive thing is its simple yet robust design. Rectangular pools are the perfect choice for those who prefer a sleek design. Such pools are also easy to maintain. The elongated structure of the pools gives them a very sober look.

2. Circular pools

Another common yet highly popular pool design is the circular design. The circular design is simple and imparts a soothing look to the property. The most important advantage of this design is that these pools can be built even if there is a shortage of space.

3. Eight

Nowadays the pools that are designed to resemble the digit eight are highly popular. The main reason behind its popularity is that it imparts a trendy look to the property. Moreover, the unique design makes it an ideal choice for those who like to stay in fashion.

4. Bean design

These days many pools are designed according to the structure of beans or kidney. This design looks good even in the absence of proper pool landscaping, and hence is opted for by a large number of people all over the world. The bean design is in style, and more and more people are getting inclined to it.

5. Roman pools

Roman pools have a unique design that resembles rectangular pools but actually has a difference. The length sides run parallel to each other whereas the breath sides are generally designed with an arc. It gives a majestic look to the pool.

6. Oval pools

Oval pools are also highly popular. The soothing design and the trendy look make this design a personal favorite of those who like simple yet attractive look. Oval pools are devoid of any intricate corners and hence are easy to maintain.

7. Grecian pools

These pools derive their design from ancient Greek pools whose corners were rounded inside. The unique design imparts a royal look and users can experience the royal feel while spending some quality time in the pools. The beauty of these pools can be enhanced a lot by using apt tiles in the pool area.

8. Geometric pools

Geometric pools are also trending quite well nowadays. These pools have unique geometric designs that often coincide with each other. It gives the look of a pool inside a pool which is quite unique. However, these pools take a large space and so clients should have enough space to have them.

9. Free form pools

The best part of free form pools is that they do not have any definite structure. This in fact goes well with those who are in search of a completely different look. These pools can be of various shapes and can be custom made according to the clients taste.

10. L pools

These pools are L shaped and are high in fashion nowadays. They do not take much space and so clients can use their backyard to build an L shaped pool. It is efficient and space option for the client.

Hope you like the above mentioned information about different swimming pool designs and help you to build the best suitable pool for your home. If you want to know more then go here and get some more useful information.