Are you searching for the information of the fantasy kabaddi league game then here you landed at the best place. As we all are aware that the kabaddi is one of the popular sports in today's era and it requires only two teams to complete the match. Even you can play this kabaddi game indoor as well as outdoor also. 

There is no restriction of the area.
So if I talk about the format of the Indian sports then it mainly includes the Sanjeevani, Gaminee, Amar and Punjabi. But let me tell you that there are various games which are very similar to the kabaddi but it is not exactly the same as the kabaddi. So there is no need to get confused, you just need to follow the proper format.

Important Rules Of Kabaddi Game
In the kabaddi game, the minimum players are 10 players and the maximum players are 12 players. But most of the time, the player gets injured so in that case 7 players play in the field but remaining are the substitutes.
In each half, each team has the chance to take 2 'Timeouts' in 30 seconds. So that the team members can easily win the points according to the strength and the capability.
At one time, only the 6 players can play on the court and 1 point is awarded to the raider. If in case, he crosses the line of the bonus.
Make sure that the raider will not get awarded the point of the bonus if he/she touches the line by doing struggle.
Apart from the 10 players, 1 referee,2 umpires, 1 scorer and 2 assistant scorers are also there in the kabaddi match. But the final judgement totally depends on the decision of the umpires even in fantasy sports.
Make sure that the player's weight should not be more than the 85 kg. Because according to the rules of the kabaddi game, he/ she is not allowed to participate in the game.
In case if the player is found to be overweight then the player may be disqualified at that moment without listening to anything. So be punctual while filling the form of the kabaddi game.
Match Duration Of Kabaddi Match
Without knowing the exact timing, you cannot complete the kabaddi game. So, below I am sharing the match duration for the men and women.
For men and the junior boys, the match consists of 40 minutes. These 40 minutes is divided into the 2 intervals and the players can take the rest of 5 minutes.
For the women, Junior Girls, Sub-Junior Boys, and Girls, the match timing consists of 30 minutes. These 30 minutes are divided into two intervals i.e. 15 minutes and there is the break of 5 minutes.  

Final Verdict Of Kabaddi Game
Well, without wasting a single moment, just play the kabaddi game with your friends and enjoy this interesting. As every rule is given in this article. You just need to follow the rules and regulations and play very fairly. In case you have any doubt in the mind then let us know.