Tournaments have been a central part of the online poker scene for more than a handful of years. And they accomplish a life-changing score in a few cases. Online poker competitions are getting bigger and better every year, drawing players from all over the world who are eager to try their luck and test their skills. But it can be hard to determine which one is correct for you, with so many online poker tournaments on the schedule. The best Indian poker sites offer various activities, from high-stakes World Series level tournaments to smaller weekly competitions.

Understanding the Basic Concepts
Each poker tournament online is different. There are multiple buy-ins, several game types, various prize guarantees, and a host of poker firms behind the scenes.

Whether you are a pro in the online betting arena or an inexperienced online poker player, there are several considerations when joining online tournaments.

1. The number of pros vs rookies
Find tournaments with a huge number of novice/inexperienced players if you're new to poker but would like to enter any competitions. This will improve your odds of winning, which will save you from getting scared by expert players.

2. Most immense Rewards
With just a limited buy-in, some online poker tournaments offer big prizes. For some, hands and life-changing poker tips and high stakes go hand in hand. Bet precisely what you're happy with, and pick a pool of prizes and buy-ins that's perfect for you.
3. Perks for playing: Some online poker sites will thank you for choosing them for your tournament games. E.g., by providing free plays. When deciding where you play, keep this in mind.

3. Multi-Tabling
Most online poker players can play only a few games, but for some, it's more enjoyable to play several tournaments at once. Check if this is allowed by your tournament supplier.

Types of Tournaments
1. Daily tournaments
Most of those best online poker sites offer many different high tournaments, with a wide range of games and acquire to choose from.

Such mini poker tournaments usually have prize pools in the range of $1,000 - $5,000 beginning at set times per day and night, have set blind levels (often 5-10 minutes), and often provide a full set of servers. Buy-ins go up in steps, encouraging players to select their favorite game.

A happy man winning a poker championship
Most regular tournaments come under what is referred to as the 'mini' classification. Buy-ins often start at just a couple of cents, and micro buy-ins begin at about a dollar. They're a perfect way for inexperienced players to develop their bankrolls as the games run steadily.

2. Weekly tournaments
With enticing choices around the best online poker platforms, the frequent ones are one step up from the regular online poker tournaments. Buy-ins and prize money range again, from a few bucks to $500+.
Any of the high roller events bear huge pots, all of them over $500,000 and some of them over $1 million.

3.Themed tournaments
Take a look at the betting sites for online poker, and you can come across themed tournaments. These usually are smaller and are built to blend in, such as a sporting match, around other activities.

4. Seasonal Events
This is where you start to get huge for overall prize money and buy-ins. Most online poker firms organize significant seasonal tournaments. With several competitions spanning a week or two-week duration, general prize money will go into tens of millions of dollars. Once again, both high and low rates of buy-in are on sale.
These seasonal events typically come with the main event with high stakes and a central, assured prize pot. For medium and expert players who have developed their bankrolls over time, seasonal events are perfect.

5. Annual Events 
Annual world series-type tournaments are at the height of the online poker tournament calendar, usually taking place in September or October. These tournaments put together some of the world's best players and deliver prize money in the millions. As for seasonal activities, over one or two weeks, games are staged. For the genuine heavy hitters, they are essential.

Ending Notes
There's an online poker tournament out there with your name on it, no matter who you play or where you play. Wisely pick your games, remember to play just those you can expect to lose, and have fun.