This is an online exercise to get you familiar with how you can decrypt a message that uses what-looks-like gibberish strings of letters and numbers put together to get you ready for this challenge. If you answer correctly, an encrypted text for challenge will appear below. You need to retrieve all 3 to enter the challenge.

This is a conversation in Emoji. Can you guess what they are saying? Get all 3 correct and grab the secret encrypted texts you need to decode in the answers of the quiz.


What are they saying?

   Dude! Where's my car??

   Omg! You've got a new car??


What are they saying?

   Two rainbows and I'm going nuts. Three and it's just awesome!

   Double rainbow is old news. Triple rainbow FTW!


What are they saying?

   Do you even lift, bro??

   Can't believe she stood me up??

Okay, you're almost ready. Now that you're familiar with how to look for clues, and you understand the basics of keys and hashes, submit your answers to this email.

Rules & regulations

1. This challenge is open to all Malaysians and Singaporeans to participate
2. Participant must decipher ALL the 3 encrypted messages correctly to be considered as a winner
3. Participant will need to provide their email address and contact number upon submission
4. Participant will need to submit ALL answers latest by 17th Sept 2015 at 12.00pm. Any late submissions will not be entertained
5. Participant to email the answers to
6. Organizers will only contact participants with the correct answers
7. Participants who successfully deciphered the messages will be requested to do a demonstration to the organizers on the way the messages were deciphered.
8. Submissions from participants who are related directly or indirectly to the organizer and the rest of the team will be disqualified

Good luck.