Apple announced the new A7 chip which features supercharged graphics powers and a new motion sensing "M7" chip. The inclusion of that will change how you use your next iPhone for a whole bunch of health and fitness activities.

First lets start off with the A7. It's a 64 bit system, and that means that apps in iOS 7 will also be 64 bit. It's graphics are 56 times faster than the original iPhone and it ups the CPU performance 40 times faster than the original iPhone and it's twice as fast as the iPhone 5.

M7: Does the heavy work and lets the A7 focus elsewhere

The M7 - a "motion co-processor" has only one job: to deal with data coming from sensors without using the full power of the A7. That means it's going to save a lot of battery life. And it makes new fitness tracking possible. The iPhone 5S can collect all these data without having to suck up additional horsepower for this.

It also comes with its own API, which means developers can leverage on the half asleep power in whatever way they see fit. We're guessing Nike+ will make a move for some really cool innovation soon enough.