You've slept on public transportation before. It just kind of lulls you into a nap. The gentle motion of it rocks you to sleep and the next thing you know, you've missed your stop. One app developer is thinking of a way to wake you up so you don't have to miss it anymore.

Called MetroNap, Tobias Domhan got the idea after his girlfriend fell asleep on the train and ended up the city's fringes. After downloading the app, you put in the name of your starting station and your destination and then, go to sleep.

The app uses your smartphone's accelerometer to detect when the train is moving and when its standing still. Just before you reach your stop, the alarm will go off saving you time and the inconvenience of another trip.

MetroNap is also currently available for Android in Google Play and only available in New York City. Good idea?

[MetroNap via FastCoExist]