Wacom has just announced a new and sleeker Intuos. The models are geared less toward professionals and more toward you and me who just want to sketch on our computers.

The new Intuos comes in 2 sizes—a 6 inch model for $100, and an 8.5 inch model for $200. Except for size, there's nothing different about the two. Both models have multitouch and Wacom's signature 1024 level pressure sensitive stylus controls. It lets you connect to your Mac or PC via USB.

Also new from Wacom is a re-named Intuos5— now Intuos Pro. Wireless control is now included out-of-the-box for three sizes—the 12.6-inch, 15-inch, and 19-inch models, which are $250, $350, and $499 respectively.

There is also a new 15-inch Special Edition Intuos Pro featuring a silver-ish design for $400. Lots of product line up. Check out their site for more. [Wacom]