The Galaxy Note 3 is a lot more than just an evolutionary upgrade. While physical changes aren't very noticeable at first, it makes a real difference because there are a few new features that will appeal to power users.

The Note 3 feels much like the Note II in hand, and that's because the width hasn't changed, even though the screen size has been bumped up to 5.7 inches. Samsung doesn't want to get into the territory of its 6.3 inch Samsung Galaxy Mega.

The case at the back has a leather windowed case, and provides some excellent grip, something you need when your phone is that big.

With the Note 3, The Galaxy Note phones get a model with a 1,920 x 1,080 screen. Note 3's AMOLED is sharper too. But in terms of difference between the Note II and 3, you'll probably find the size not that difference.

The Icona Pop duo launches the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear watch below:

What's really on our minds is whether or not the Galaxy Note 3 has 4K video. Something that we've not heard nor seen just yet.

Either way, its a nice polish to its category and you can expect the smartphone to drop on September 25. We found a video from Gizmodo, showing off Air Command. Check it out below:

From Gizmodo: