MeUndies is hoping to get your funding for a live video tool to make sure you're buying the most flattering undergarments. The startup is known for its underwear spewing vending machines.

The video they're looking to make, will offer more customer service support tool than a virtual dressing room. Users can opt to have a male or female staffer help them, and the ones who are more shy can send in photos to MeUndies.

The company makes money via a subscription model where customers are sent monthly apparel shipments and through one-off orders. The company is attempting to get the project underway via the crowdfunding platform Crowdtilt, hoping to raise $30,000 in 30 days.

Shokrian says he's looking at how more established e-commerce brands, like Zappos, treat their customers, and emulating that model. MeUndies offers full money back guarantees on its undergarments.

Shokrian got the idea from the frustration of paying high prices for premium quality basics like t-shirts and underwear. He wanted to create an easy way to shop online for basic apparel.

Shokrian says MeUndies has sold and shipped hundreds of thousands of pairs of underwear since launching a year and a half ago. The company is now shipping internationally too.