Screen recorders are quite a handy tool for people whose work relies on them especially if you are gamer who records their streaming sessions, product or a software reviewer or you want to present a tutorial or a presentation in your office or class. A simple screen recorder can help you get through all of this, all you need to find is a screen recorder that suits your needs and has the features of your choice. 

In that scenario, we think AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder can be a tool you can look in to. Hold on, because in this article, you will get an in-depth review for this screen recorder which people are talking about so you can ultimately decide whether to go for it or not?

What is AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder?
As the name of the tool is clearly suggestive of it being an online web-based program, which helps in screen recording and could be used for various reasons. It’s simple and easy to use interface makes it stand out of the rest of the recorders that are available on the internet. Sometimes, the recorders don’t live up to the expectations and may even distort the quality of your videos which we bet is quite annoying. Therefore, AceThinker free online screen recorder will provide you with the best video quality and some amazing additional features that will enhance your recorded videos. 

Feature Highlights
There are quite a number of impressive features that this free online tool possesses without you putting in a lot of efforts of downloading any software program, signing up or registering. Firstly, the interface of the tool is quite simple and intuitive which makes it a beginner friendly tool. 

The commands are very minimalistic and to the point so you don’t get confused. You can record the video playing on your PC by either selecting the entire screen or a part of your own choice by selecting the desired parameters. Choosing the audio while screen recording is completely up to you, it has both the options for the system sound or the external microphone or both simultaneously. There are various options available for the formats of the video that you can choose from including MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI etc. Once the screen recording is completed, the recorded video file could also be shared or uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Option for simultaneous recording of video and audio
Include your preferred sound either from the system sound or external microphone
Different capture modes to select the area you want to include in screen recording

Features are limited as compared to a software-based screen recording program

How AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder works?
As it is an online tool, you won’t be required to download any software or third-party application for it to work. You can simply go to official web page and follow the steps mentioned below to do screen recording on your PC using AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. 

Step 1: Go to AceThinker Webpage
As your first step, open browser on your PC and go to official website of free online screen recorder to start the recording.

Step 2: Configure the Video Settings
Then, go back to AceThinker web page and choose the area of the screen to record. Here, you can change the video settings for video including the audio settings with preferred video formats.

Step 3: Start Recording
Next, to begin the screen recording you will click on the blue colored recording button. You can also pause and restart the recording if you are not happy while previewing it. 

Step 4: Stop Recording & Save Video
When you have completed the recording, click on the stop button and save the video to your PC. You can also share the video to YouTube and even upload to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Ultimate Screen Recording Solution- Screen Grabber Premium 
Well, if you think the online screen recorder is too plain for you and you want a tool with features that are advanced and a room to work with then, you should definitely consider Screen Grabber Premium; an ultimate screen recording software which will end your quest to finding a perfect tool. 

It is an all-in-one software for the pro gamers, software and tech reviewers or even the users who want to deliver presentations at work which allows them to screen record their gaming sessions or the work they do in high video quality without lagging during the process. The intuitive interface of the software even allows any beginner to use the software with ease. Another important feature is that you can schedule your recording sessions if you are busy with something so, it automatically begins the recording while you are away. It works simply by selecting the area of your screen you want to record; you can exclude the part of the screen you don’t want to add. If you are wondering and worried about the audio, then you may want to hear out that you can use the audio from the system, the external microphone or even both. Another important feature is that you can edit and preview the recorded video. The tool supports various audio and video formats including WAV, FLAC, MP4, MP3, FLAC etc. Other than audio and video recording you can also capture the screenshot in JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.

The Bottom Line
AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is a simple web-based program which will allow you to record your screen with its basic set of tools. In this article you get to have a detailed review of it to have a better idea if that’s the tool you are looking out for. On the other hand, if you want a tool with advanced set of features and an all time favorite software for your device then, you should definitely check out AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium.