Building any successful site with search engine optimization involves taking time to consider and plan the website's structure designed for the enhancement of the business. The website's main features must be prepared for the proper execution of the website construction with SEO. This includes creating the layout and format of the website outlook, deciding the keywords, designing the title tags using metadata, and so on. Planning does involve deciding which button to click, which link must be added for better user experience, which piece of content needs to be highlighted, which page needs to be set first etc. All this together increases the user experience. 

Another essential thing to keep in mind is that your visitors must get converted to customers. The conversion rate is another important factor that helps in raising the SEO ranking. The rate at which the users visiting the website gets converted to customers buying the products is called the conversion rate. The conversion rate can be increased by just making the visitors fill a form, sign up for a newsletter, or purchase from their side. In short making them interact through your website can increase the chance of converting them into a customer. With so much competition outside among business brands establishing a firm platform digitally over the internet is an absolute need of the hour. 

Apart from on-page and off-page search engine optimization, we also have white hat SEO and black hat SEO in the picture. 

White hat SEO: 

White hat SEO follows the rules while building a website or webpage. For instance, Google or any search engine sets out a list of recommendations or guidelines for content creation or webpage creation. The white hat SEO does precisely what the search engines looks for in a website and thus, it doesn’t require any tricks to withstand algorithm updates done in the future. Though white hat SEO fetches the targeted results, it takes plenty of time to achieve the desired goal. 

Black hat SEO: 

It's the exact opposite of a white hat SEO. It breaks the boundaries any search engine has set and tries earning the higher rankings, at least honestly. This doesn’t work out for long as it cannot be auto-updated to future changes in search engine algorithms. This takes much less time to achieve what the business wants but at the risk of reputational damage caused to the brand. 

Techniques for white hat SEO: 

High quality content: 

The content written here must be unique, highly efficient, and specific for the website. This includes that no plagiarised content or outdated content is allowed to exist. The content must match the needs of the users as well as helps to advertise the brand as much as possible. Creating valuable content thereby decides the fate of the website and the SEO ranking of the website. 

Extra attention to metadata: 

Metadata is the small paragraph that appears under the search results just below the title tag. The metadata must be on point for the viewers to open the open link and visit the webpage. Never overstuff the metadata description with keywords. This has a massive impact on whether the searchers will visit the site or not. Search engines today are so much advanced than what was earlier found. Usage of meta tags in SEO has helped gain a massive response on the user experience. The difference between using a title tag and a meta tag is that the meta tag is a little more descriptive and lengthier. It helps to describe the page content in a sentence or two. The meta tag contains the information that the user expects on the page. 

Relevant keyword, high quality backlinks: 

The keywords used must be highly relevant to the content given and must grab the readers to read more instead of closing and to leave the site. There are usually two types of keywords, namely the single words and long tail. One must use both these types to get reach high rankings. Usage of high-quality backlinks, also knowns as inbound links, help to redirect back to your site. Adding backlinks that are relevant to your content helps gain more visitors to the page. 

Role of URLs: 

Designing the URL also has an impact on the SEO ranking. Keeping the default URL assigned when creating a webpage is not advisable; instead, edit the URL to be easier for the user to type and access. Search engines also find URLs a medium to identify the sites and provide them to the users. So if you create a page for a service in Tamilnadu then the url must contain the service and location name.

Certain other factors that you can look into when creating an SEO web page are adding a helpful 404 page to the website. This is to redirect the users from broken links or pages that are no longer present on the site. It is also essential to make the site mobile search-friendly. This can be done by creating a mobile sitemap and submit the file to google so that its existence is registered to google, and it pulls up the website when someone searches it through mobile phones. 

Techniques for black hat SEO: 

Bait and switch: 

This tactic is highly unethical, and most of the business brands knew this. If you don’t get enough rank for the keywords used, they use keywords irrelevant to the content to catch a wide range of untargeted audiences, and this technique has managed to work. This yields more traffic than usual. This, though it does grab a large audience, it makes the users think that the content might also be irrelevant as similar to the keyword. 

Content or comment automation: 

Search engines give higher ranks to the website having comments on the post. Thus the programmers built programs where the comments or content is constructed automatically by a bot. This will end up having inevitable damage to the website as some content or comments, or keywords might be irrelevant. 

Hiding texts or links within content: 

This is where the links used in the content are set to font size zero, adding white text and white background or hiding a connection with a bit of character. This helps to grab the users to the webpage. 

Using black hat SEO might yield a huge audience in the short term but with high chances of getting caught. If the website is detected with black hat SEO techniques, the website might be banned or penalized.

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