If you are looking for a colour printer for home use, you will find that there are way too many options. One could never tell which one is the best colour printer for home use but some are better than others. What you should notice right from the get-go is that many nearly identical models use the same ink cartridges with marginal differences between them. So which colour printer should you pick?

The answer to the question depends a lot on how often you would need to print documents. If you print less than 50 pages per month, you should consider an inkjet printer with a scanner. You will be able to find plenty of decent models that do not cost much and even if they break down they are very cheap to replace. Also, you will not spend a lot on cartridges since you will replace them every couple of months or so.

The story changes drastically if you work from home or have any type of activity that requires you to print more than 50 pages per month. In this case, the best colour printer for home use needs to be a laser printer. You want something fast, efficient, and reliable. If you also want it to be reasonable prices and have affordable cartridges, you will notice that your options are very limited.

Konica Minolta could be right up your alley. Something like their bizhub 185en or the bizhub C4050i should be on your shortlist. Both of them are compact color laser printers. They have a small footprint which means it should be easy to find a spot for them. Also, being laser printers means that they print fast and consistently. The cartridges are not that expensive and both models also have a built-in scanner. Comparing them with similar models from other brands will show that they are more affordable and have cheaper consumables.