The mobile phone case is an indispensable product in the current electronic product industry. But most users think that the phone case only serves one purpose, which is to make their phones look good.

This is an incomplete statement. Choosing the right case serves a certain aesthetic purpose, and prevents our mobile phones from being broken. For example, HONOR has released the HONOR 20 Lite, which has good hand-feeling and appearance. Due to the smoothness, HONOR has prepared two HONOR 20 Lite case for users who are free to choose.
With the improvement of consumer user experience, mobile phone protective cases of different materials and styles have emerged. Some people even use gold to build mobile phone protective cases! This shows that the material of the mobile phone protective case is worthy of our careful thought.  And it is inevitable to mention the production process of mobile phone case. How are they produced among common material types at present?

The first is PVC mobile phone case. This kind of mobile phone case was popular in this industry for a long time. What PVC products have in common with silicone products is that their materials can all use the same glue process. Processing is to maximize the multi-color of products. The process method is to take the material into the mold. People use the glue head of the glue gun for color distribution. Processing is to maximize the multi-color products. The process is to take the material into the mold. Use the glue head of the glue gun for color distribution. And cooperate with the program debugging of the equipment to ingest different colors into the fixed position of the product. Highlight the three-dimensional effect.

The second is the silicone mobile phone case. Silicone mobile phone case is a popular kind of mobile phone case. It shows consumers that it is drop-proof and scratch-proof. And it is green and environmentally friendly, and soft and comfortable. Silicone product materials occurs in all walks of life. Producers use mold compression molding and low-temperature injection molding skills in the production of these cases. Compression molding occupies the majority. Molding and curing occupy the majority. It is formed by putting raw materials into the mold core and pressing and curing the mold at high temperature. Different color adhesives can be added to silica gel materials to adjust different colors. Then the aesthetic effect of the appearance changed because of oil injection printing in the post-process. It can be combined with plastic shells and leather cloth for bonding processing. At present, many brands of mobile phone cases use both silicone and hard rubber mobile phone cases.
Finally, there is an introduction on the leather mobile phone protective cover. The focus of the leather mobile phone case is the process details. Such products need to pay attention to the quality of the materials. Different leather materials have different quality and prices. Like making leather bags, the production of mobile phone protective cases depends on the cost. Today, leather phone cases are selling well in the market. As the saying goes, good things don’t worry about selling. The same goes for leather phone cases.

I hope after reading this article, you will know what kind of mobile phone case your mobile phone needs. Decorate your beloved mobile phone!