If you are a student or working in the office centers, then probably you won’t be using the computer for fun. The only reason you turn on your laptop is to make presentations, assignments, and office projects.   

You hence use it for reading and writing the documents but most of the documents are available in the PDF or the Word document format.  This is the reason that you might somehow need the online converter tools to let your PDF files be converted in different file formats. 

These converters work like the apps or the programs which are basically used for changing the whole format of the PDF file to let it get converted in different file formats of MS. You can search for different file converters that are available in both the free as well as premium version.  To pick the right one, here we have a list of few online PDF converter tools 2020 which you should be using right now:

HiPDF is the first free converter tool on our list! If you have been in search of the all in one converter tool, then this is the right choice for you.  This tool has been highly recommended because of the friendly features and due to its user-friendly scenario.   You can look for so many features being part of it in its free version which makes your whole conversion process easy and smooth to perform. 

One of the basic and main features of this converter tool is that you can convert the file from and to the PDF file.  It will be allowing you to convert the file into different other MS Office file formats such as images, Excel, Powerpoint Word, and so many more.  You can even raw the text files into the PDF.  Additionally, this tool gives you the chance in which you can convert the printed as well as scan the files into the editable PDF files using the major OCR feature inside this converter.

Next on the list, we have the name of an amazing and reliable 2PDF.com file converter!  This has been one of the most pleasant and easy to use PDF converter for beginners.  It would possibly become as minimalistic in designing but still, it is so much productive to use.  You can pick out your required file format from the listing of file formats that are accessible on the front page.

Plus this tool will be giving you an option, in which you can additionally choose the PDF file right through the nearby storage or even the far off URL. As you have chosen the particular file, you can click on the “convert” button option.  The fundamental requirement of this tool is that it will no longer be letting you convert the file if your file has a sizing of more than 10MB.  But all in all, we will be calling it out to be one of the best and excellent platforms of PDF conversion files.

DocuPub is what we are sharing with you on the third spot of our list! This has been a free converter tool for your easy and smooth processing of the file conversion.  It is extremely fast and easy to use for beginners in just one go.  As this tool is available online so you don’t have to put yourself in the hassle where you have to download it! You just have to upload the file which you want to convert, select the target format version, and click on the option of convert button.