Do you think that your Instagram feed is the way to attract the audience? Do you feel it's the only way you can create a unique space for yourself, amongst other brands? If yes, there's interesting news for you. Since August 2016, when Instagram Stories got launched, the active userbase increased to approximately 500 million daily. It indicates that almost half of Instagram’s entire user base, view, and create the Stories daily.

It presents brands, start-up business owners, and social media influencers with have ample opportunity to connect and engage their audience. You can get them involved in two various zones of the app. And to appeal to more followers, you need to choose stunning graphic designs for your Instagram Stories. Another way to attract Instagram followers is to purchase it. To know more about it, you can check out

Getting back to the Instagram Stories, people get attracted to aesthetic posts. They want to check out clutter-free Stories, with new-age graphics and minimal design. Some of the graphic and design tips to incorporate in Instagram Stories are:

1. You may start with the storyboard

You will find multiple ways to post an Instagram Story. There’s scope for sharing new product feature for promoting a new blog post. Stories will engage your Instagram audience without publishing the update to the main feed. Hence, you have the option to capture behind-the-scenes footage, live video, use filters, and resort to iPhone photography. There's no need to worry whether the Story matches your account posts or not.

It would be best if you got cautious about the Instagram Story graphics. Make sure that you choose visually stunning designs that your followers and customers want to check out. For this, you can start by using the Storyboard feature and plan the entire Story, before designing the same.

Do you want to promote your new blog post? If yes, you can create a storyboard that concentrates on the best points which will entice the users. You might also want to add guidelines on how to use your service or product. You have endless ways to experiment with storyboard possibilities. So, take the time to plan the complete design process and share it with your audience.

2. Generate a story-driven guide

Are you planning to use short video clips and fully developed graphics for Instagram Stories? If yes, you can resort to several design elements to decorate the content. It's a smart call to use a style guide that's specific to the filters, font options, GIF options, and many more. It will allow your company to remain branded and will also increase the brand recall value. 

Generate this style guide in several formats. It will help anyone in your team interested in sharing and creating Instagram Stories. Today, you have several design preferences in the story-specific style pattern, which can enhance the brand recognition as well. 

3. Try and stay in line

For once, imagine your school days and the coloring you did in elementary school. It was essential to stay in line. The Instagram Stories also have crucial parameters and lines that you should adhere to. The bottom and top regions of the story graphics get covered by the username and provide options to users about how they can connect/interact with the same. There's no need to add any pertinent design aspects or data in this space. You can count on Instagram to alert you that you need to shift any element far upside or down on your screen. However, it is essential to make sure that all that design outside the app should stay within the lines. 

The Instagram Stories dimensions are 1080 x 1920 pixels. But the app suggests its users keep the principal design aspects anywhere between 1080 x 1420 pixels. It means you need to leave 250 pixels right at the bottom and top.

4. Add photography elements

There’s no need for the Instagram Stories to comprise of customized graphic designs. You might want to add photography elements, which is a good option. The best part of the Story feature is that not all that you publish should be professionally edited and of top-notch quality. It’s a smart call to use your Smartphone camera and click a few behind-the-scene pictures as well. 

5. Utilize brand colors and fonts

Make sure that all that you create syncs in with your brand. It applies to Instagram Stories as well. It indicates you should keep the brand-kit ready to complement the brand logo, fonts, color hex codes, and many more. You should also integrate the brand colors and fonts to boost brand recognition to your current and potential followers, as they scroll through the stories. The followers will get to see the brand graphics and identify your brand, even without seeing the brand name.

These are the key elements to create stunning Instagram Stories to boost your online brand presence and gain more followers. You can also get expert help as and when you need more hand-holding with the story set-up and graphic design.