Music is all around us. For most people, it has been part of their life, and they tend to bring it almost anywhere they go. Thanks to various streaming services such as Youtube, we can listen to nearly any songs wherever we are, all we need is a working device and a reliable internet connection. But don’t you want to enjoy listening to music offline?

Well, there is a way that you can listen to all of your favorite songs without needing an internet connection. In fact, you don’t even have to spend some cash in order to download the songs. Here are some ways you can download all the music that you love from Youtube without wasting time.

Youtube to MP3 Converter
One of the most reliable ways to download music from youtube is by using MediaHuman’s Youtube to MP3 Converter. It allows you to save all of the files from the entire playlist thanks to the mass download function. It also allows you to download multiple audio files from other sites as well. The best part is, it’s also compatible with Soundcloud and Dailymotion.

To use the mass downloader feature. You can start by downloading the application and installing it onto your computer. You can do this by going to MediaHuman’s website. Once you’ve downloaded the app, launch it, and go to Youtube for your video. Copy the whole video URL and paste it on the application. It should start downloading your video.

If you’re new to downloading Youtube videos, GenYouTube is perfect for you. It is free of charge, and it supports 55 different video formats, such as MP3, MP4, and many more. With so many formats, it is entirely up to you which one you choose. What’s even crazier is, you can download videos with HD or SD video quality. Here’s how you can use GenYouTube.

First, you must have your Youtube video ready and then copy the URL. After that, go to GenYouTube’s website and paste the link on the search bar located at the top of the page. Once done, click the “Go” button, and it should start downloading the video for you. 

GenYouTube also allows you to download the videos straight from youtube. You can do this by adding  “gen” before the word “youtube” in the URL. If done correctly, it should look like this - Please wait for your video to finish downloading, then you can save it in your library. 

4K Video Downloader
This program is one of the best video downloaders that you will find today as it allows you to download 4k music videos. The program works smoothly on different operating systems. There is a free version, making it available for anyone to use. To start downloading 4k videos, follow these simple steps. 

First, download and install 4K Video Downloader on your computer and look for the right version for your operating system. After you installed it, launch the app and go to Youtube to find your video. Copy the link of your chosen video and paste it on the “Paste Link” button of the app. Wait for the download to finish and save the video to your library.  

There you have it, programs and apps that you can use to download all of your favorite songs and videos. The apps that were mentioned above are not the only ones that you can use as there are other downloaders on the internet. Though these are apps that can help save time in creating your awesome playlist.